Chicago Lawyers Committee – Social Initiatives You Can Get Involved In


In addition to serving as the chair of the Chicago Lawyers Committee, you can be involved in one of several social causes in the city. These include the Law Project, Settlement Assistance Project, Attorney of the Day Eviction Defense Program, and Voting Rights Project. Read on to learn more about the many ways you can help. These initiatives provide vital legal services to many people in need throughout Chicago. To learn more, please visit our website. We are happy to help.

Law Project

The Law Project provides free legal representation to low-income individuals and nonprofit organizations in Illinois. Since most nonprofit organizations cannot afford legal representation, the Chicago Lawyers Committee brings together Chicago-area attorneys from top law firms and in-house corporate legal departments to provide free representation to people in need. The organization also works to promote diversity in law and policy by providing opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in the organization’s programs. Moreover, this organization is committed to ensuring the quality of representation provided to all those who are seeking it.

The Chicago Lawyers Committee Law Project offers a challenging and rewarding learning experience to underprivileged individuals. PILI fellows provide pro bono representation to low-income individuals in meritorious discrimination cases. They also assist in policy advocacy and litigation. They also participate in community education regarding their legal rights. In addition, they conduct intake interviews and write memos, participate in coalition meetings, and participate in litigation. Moreover, PILI interns can contribute to the success of the Law Project’s mission by engaging in projects related to education equity, access to justice, and social equity.

Settlement Assistance Project

The Settlement Assistance Program of the Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights helps indigent litigants resolve their federal civil rights lawsuits. The program matches pro se litigants with a volunteer attorney who helps them navigate the judicial system. As long as the pro se litigant is not prejudiced and meets eligibility requirements, he or she can participate. A successful outcome for a pro se litigant depends on the determination of both the court and the volunteer attorney.

The Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights supports a wide range of economic development initiatives in the Chicago area. The committee provides free legal services to small business owners, promotes civic participation, and addresses issues that affect people of color and the poor. They are committed to ensuring that all groups are well-represented in the legal system. Here are some of the main projects of the organization:

Attorney of the Day Eviction Defense Program

The Attorney of the Day Eviction Defense Program is a free legal aid program established by the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights (LCBH) in the Chicago area. This program fights wrongful evictions by providing legal representation for low-income tenants while advocating for systemic reforms in Eviction Court. Through the program, LCBH recruits a large number of volunteer attorneys to defend low-income tenants in Eviction Court one morning a month.

The Chicago Lawyers Committee Attorney of the Day Ejection Defense Program is one of the largest legal volunteer projects in the world, with more than 300 volunteers helping tenants in need in Chicago and the surrounding area. Throughout the year, this program has represented tenants in nearly 400 households. Students help tenants in need by preparing ERA applications, providing legal representation, and engaging in courthouse advocacy on the day of their hearings. The program has successfully avoided eviction in ninety-eight percent of cases.

Voting Rights Project

The goal of the Chicago Lawyers Committee Voting Rights Project is to eliminate barriers to voting for minorities and low-income communities. Its mission is to improve civic participation and prevent voter intimidation in Chicago, including black, Hispanic, and Latino communities. The project’s many efforts include voting rights education, litigation, and advocacy. By working with other community organizations, the Committee can reach more voters than it can reach alone.

The Lawyers’ Committee has also been instrumental in helping the NAACP win cases in several states. They’ve taken part in over 15 court cases on behalf of the NAACP. They’ve helped defeat attempts to gerrymander states like Texas. According to the organization’s senior deputy director and chief counsel, Jon M. Greenbaum, the legal team is anticipating an intensifying fight over voting laws in the 2020 midterms. Their efforts will continue to challenge voter eligibility, and they expect more lawsuits to come.

Hate Crimes Project

The Chicago Lawyers Committee manages a variety of civil rights projects, including a project called “Project to Combat Bias Violence,” which was re-launched after the November election. While the project has been around for 25 years, it had slowed down due to a decline in demand. Activists from the group, as well as members of Illinois’ Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, are now working to make this program a reality.

The Chicago Lawyers’ Committee’s Hate Crimes Project also supports the fight against discrimination and civil rights violations. Founders of the organization, Jenner & Block, received the Illinois State Bar Association’s John C. McAndrews Pro Bono Award for their pro bono work. Their work is making a difference in the lives of individuals affected by hate crimes. By helping victims of discrimination and violent crime gain access to justice, they are fighting for all Americans.

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