Class Action Lawsuit Against State Farm Insurance


You’ve probably heard about a class action lawsuit against State Farm Insurance Company. Well, it’s true, and they’re a company that doesn’t stand well amongst the rest of their competition. Many people purchase their insurance policies from them, because they feel that they’re going to get the same treatment as everyone else. State Farm has been in business for over one hundred years, and they are one of the most trusted names in the industry. So if you want to join the class action lawsuit against State Farm Insurance Company, we will provide you with all of the information that you need.

Class Action Lawsuit Against State Farm Insurance

First of all, this class action lawsuit was started because of the death of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. He had acquired control of State Farm Insurance through his brother, Nelson Rockefeller. This caused him immense amounts of stress and pressure, as he didn’t know how to run the company efficiently. His health was declining, and he also didn’t have any long term friends in high places. A few of his loyal employees actually went over to conspire against him, in hopes of ousting him from control of the company.

Nelson Rockefeller was not the only one who had a falling out with State Farm Insurance.

Harry Bennett became upset with State Farm as well. He believed that they were ignoring the financial problems that the company was facing and didn’t care. This was one of the more common arguments within the suits against State Farm. They simply didn’t care.

Harry Bennett died in office at the age of fifty-one.

This was later proven by the judge handling the suit, and it allowed the suit to proceed. Harry had no children at the time of his death, so his death became extremely detrimental to the case. The lead attorney on the class action lawsuit against State Farm was acting on behalf of several of his clients, and one of them was Nelson Rockefeller. It is rumored that Nelson Rockefeller actually threatened to have a class action lawsuit against State Farm if they didn’t settle their claims.

Harry Bennett died a natural death, however, and none of the suits were ever filed against State Farm.

Harry’s son, Nelson Rockefeller Jr., sued the company for wrongful death, and another man, Thomas Edison, claimed that the lawsuit was nothing but a personal vendetta. The class action lawsuit against State Farm was eventually dropped, but not before thousands of dollars in premiums and damages were lost. The suit was, in fact, a sham.

State Farm was hardly forthcoming with information when it came to the reasons for their failure to cover costs and settlements. When questioned, they would only offer citations and would not answer questions. They simply ignored questions, as if the questions were a waste of their time or money.

4 thoughts on “Class Action Lawsuit Against State Farm Insurance

  1. State Farm totalled my car rather than pay a higher price for repairs. Told me the person that caused damages was uninsured, when at the accident scene, we spoke to there Insurance and they assured me all would be covered. Please contact me about class action lawsuit.

  2. March 30, 2023
    Dear State Farm,
    I’m contacƟng you in wriƟng to complain about my recent claim (11-45H6-66V) which has been declined
    in part.
    I live in north Georgia and in the recent months have had some severe wind storms. I observed pieces of
    my roof and shuƩers being dislodged from the home. Literally scaƩered in the yard. Every storm seems
    to conƟnue to deteriorate the roof more. I am very concerned that I will conƟnue to have damage and
    pray I don’t have interior leaks or addiƟonal damage to the underlying wood securing the roof to the
    I have had mulƟple contractors and roofing experts evaluate my roof. They have ALL given the exact
    same evaluaƟon.
    “The roof is not repairable”.
    The professionals have provided video examples and jumped through hoops to work with State Farm.
    My experience with this has been slow, and it’s been difficult to get in touch and get answers. Below are
    all the experts that have personally observed the roof and disagree with your one adjuster. I’ve been
    told by more than one of them that they would not take the job as a repair, as they would not take on
    the liability or guarantee the roof, as, again, the roof is not repairable.
     Jason Graham with Regal Roofing – 770-286-3026
     Chase Waldroup of Rhino RestoraƟon of Georgia – 404-797-8115
     Greg Engler (Chase – supervisor) with United ContracƟng and Roofing – 706-889-9945
     Bobby Strong with The Skyfall Group – 770-380-8957
     MaƩ with Riddle ContracƟng Roofing, Siding & GuƩers – 706-669-7564
     Zachery Greeson with Inspector Roofing – 256-306-6879
     Steven Mosher with First Georgian Roofing, Inc. – 404-731-6555
     Supreme Roofing & ReconstrucƟon – 678-602-2701
    I’ve been a loyal customer and paid out premium prices for YEARS, with the false security that my
    insurance company cared and was acƟng in my best interest. My State Farm bills reflect I have a
    discount for *BEING A LOYAL CUSTOMER, & CLAIM RECORD DISCOUNT. When my policy was sold to me,
    I was mis-informed as I believed that any act of God in damages would be covered in full, not in part &
    not with any depreciaƟon. That is the main reason I bought this premium policy.
    For YEARS when my rates have gone up and I quesƟoned it, the reply was an influx of claims in my area
    or region, which inflated everyone’s rates. I have also been told that the cost to rebuild due to the Covid
    interrupƟon and supply chain issues that encompassed that applied to the increase in rates as well. Each
    Ɵme, just paying because I believed lining myself up with a large insurance company would 100% protect
    I’ve since learned, this is not the case. As a human, it’s caused a lot of stress, a lot of Ɵme and
    aggravaƟon. I feel like I’ve goƩen the run-around. No one cares, I’ve lived on this planet long enough to
    understand that.
    Imbedded into this leƩer is a copy of my notes and correspondences as referenced to the months
    leading up to today and this complaint.
    I’m quite sure no one will help me and my words will be dismissed and ignored, and I guess life will go
    on, just like the senƟments of the other customers with State Farm that have had the exact same
    experience as provided below.
     My takeaways from this experience. Purchase the bare minimum in insurance as required by law
    and expect nothing back in return. I feel scammed!

  3. I am trying to settle with State Farm I was rear-ended by a lady while I was at a stop light she rammed into so hard that I hit the truck in front of me- this was May 5 of 2022 – so May 5 of 2024 will be 2 years- they wanted to settle for a very small amount but my attorney so no that’s not enough that was 2 yrs ago as well – my attorney has done absolutely nothing too- nothing for two years- I feel like my attorney is working with them – I’m so frustrated I am hurting so bad my neck and my back I’ve exhausted all my remedies that I can do doctors, orthopedic doctors, medicines etc

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