Class Action Lawsuit On Lexapro – All About The Lawsuit And Its origins


A new Lexapro lawsuit case that is currently before the courts involves an interesting scenario. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, “plaintiffs in several instances are receiving refills from the drug for up to two years and getting no benefit from it,” according to attorney Sam Kaplan. This case is being handled by the Law Office of George Washington University School of Law, where Lexapro was approved by the FDA to treat ulcers.

Class Action Lawsuit On Lexapro

This case is another example of Lexapro’s propensity to produce results that favor the company. A class action lawsuit refers to a group of people who have received compensation from a manufacturer when another, third-party manufacturer is responsible for the victim’s pain and suffering. Class action lawsuits allow the members of the class to band together and pursue the case as a class. In the case of Lexapro, one of the individuals filing the lawsuit was a former employee of the Armani Group, which produces the generic version of Lexapro. Another plaintiff, identified as Class Action International, is seeking compensation for CTS, which is a substance included in Lexapro.

According to Kaplan, many of the plaintiffs in this case have been receiving the same generic dosage of Lexapro, which is the active ingredient in the original product.

This dosage is supposed to last for six months to a year. The manufacturers argue that such constant dosages are necessary to treat the specific symptoms of narcolepsy, a condition related to sleepiness at night, and that the FDA has approved its use as an “off-label” treatment. For these reasons, the Food and Drug Administration has allowed the companies to maintain their profits and force consumers to spend more money on a generic version of the drug.

One of the main arguments made by the manufacturers in the Lexapro lawsuit is that patients do not experience any adverse side effects when taking it as directed.

These claims are untrue, according to the lawsuit.

A number of patients experienced nausea, headaches, increased anxiety, vomiting, loss of appetite, dry mouth, constipation, and severe muscle spasms. Many of these side effects were associated with taking the “non-steroidal” type medication that is commonly prescribed by physicians. A number of people who filed the class action lawsuit had to undergo expensive, additional medical treatments because they had to take prescription medications, which cost thousands of dollars.

A number of corporations involved in the manufacturing of Lexapro are named in the complaint.

It is unclear whether or not any of them are parties to the lawsuit. One of the class action lawsuits involves AstraZeneca, which is the manufacturer of the drug. The company has also been named in a separate case regarding its role in the improper selling of Lexapro.

Kaplan believes that the number of plaintiffs involved in the suit are only a small fraction of the total number of patients involved with Lexapro. The case has been filed on behalf of the families of deceased patients. The lawyer is seeking monetary damages as well as compensation for emotional distress and loss of wages suffered by the patient’s family. A preliminary injunction has been issued in the case is expected to be settled out of court.

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