Truck Drivers and FedEx Drivers Lawsuits


FedEx drivers sued because of a defective door jamb on the vehicle. A driver purchased a new vehicle from drivers, who said they performed a 240 point inspections prior to sale. However, after delivery, the vehicle did not perform the same quality inspection required by the company. The trucker’s husband hit his head on the left side of the door and then went to get a replacement windshield because it was broken. Upon further investigation, the husband was told he was unable to file a suit because the door would have to be fixed prior to the purchase of the vehicle.

An ambulance transporting the truck driver back to an Orlando hospital crashed and the ambulance operator was killed. The trucker was unable to take a look at the vehicle after it left the dealership and subsequently sustained severe head injuries.

In essence, a truck driver suffered injuries as a result of a defect, which resulted in the vehicle not performing the same quality inspection prior to sale as required by FedEx. This resulted in the trucking company being able to save a significant amount of money by not having to fix a defective door.

As a result of this lawsuit, FedEx drivers are seeking monetary compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and damages resulting from their injuries. If you are a driver of a vehicle that has suffered from defects, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney, who can assist you in filing a complaint against the vehicle owner. Fax your complaint to a FedEx driver’s lawyer, who will review it and advise you on the best course of action.

It is possible that you may find yourself on the winning end of a lawsuit against a FedEx truck driver. Unfortunately, many drivers who have been involved in trucking accidents in which the trucker’s vehicle was not properly maintained do not realize the importance of having a legal representative on their side in case they receive compensation.

A qualified attorney will understand the complexities of trucking law and provide counsel to a truck driver who believes they have been injured as a result of an accident in which the trucker’s vehicle was not properly maintained. Furthermore, experienced attorneys are likely to understand the complex nature of the FedEx warranty and the importance of obtaining proper trucking accident compensation.

By working with a truck drivers lawyer, you can rest assured that the truck driver you retain has the legal expertise to represent you in a FedEx driver’s lawsuit. and protect your rights, should you need to pursue a claim against the trucking company. If you are not represented, you may find that the trucking company is unwilling or unable to help you with your lawsuit.

Hiring a lawyer, will not only help you with the litigation process, but will provide a level of safety by ensuring that your attorney is intimately familiar with the laws of the trucking industry. Not only will an experienced truck driver attorney work to obtain the maximum amount of compensation that is available under law, but your lawyer will also work with you throughout the process of filing your claim. Trucking lawyers are familiar with the trucking industry, including the various laws and regulations that govern the trucking industry.

When your truck driver is sued in a lawsuit, your truck driver’s lawyer will help you determine the right course of action to pursue to help secure your legal rights. The experienced lawyer will work with you to draft an appropriate compensation claim letter, and help you understand what your rights are in a trucking accident.

Your truck driver’s lawyer will assist you with filing a suit against the trucking company, if you choose to pursue a lawsuit. Should you decide against pursuing a lawsuit, your truck driver’s attorney can advise you on whether or not filing a complaint is necessary.

A seasoned personal injury lawyer will be able to assess the risks you face when you choose to pursue a lawsuit against a trucking company. You should be confident that your truck driver’s attorney is qualified and experienced enough to give you the representation you need to fight for the compensation that you deserve.

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