How to Look For Tardive Dyskinesia Lawsuit Settlements

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Tardive dyskinesia lawsuit settlements are not only for people who suffer from this painful condition. People who have been victims of this condition are able to seek monetary damages as a result of medical malpractice. If you or a loved one has been the victim of such negligent and intentional actions, then you may be able to receive monetary compensation by filing a lawsuit against the individual who is responsible. If you are not yet certain whether or not you have a case, then here is what you should know about tardive dyskinesia lawsuit settlements.

People with tardive dyskinesia may have their motor skills affected due to the condition they have.

It can cause them to have problems walking, standing, and balancing. Sometimes, the movement of the affected person is also difficult because of the pain that they feel in their muscles and the various degrees of muscle spasms that occur. These individuals often experience depression and become isolated as a result of being unable to control their movements or feel comfortable in their current situation.

An experienced attorney should be immediately consulted if you are thinking about filing a lawsuit. These attorneys have handled many cases regarding cases like yours and will understand your needs and how best to reach a favorable conclusion. You should be careful to select an attorney who practices law in the state in which the negligent party lives. Attorneys who work in these different states have different philosophies and practice different methods when it comes to handling tardive dyskinesia lawsuit settlements.

It may not always be obvious what caused the injury and how the person might have recovered.

It is not uncommon for plaintiffs to seek compensation based on the extent of their impairment. This means that the compensation sought may focus on a person’s ability to function normally on a daily basis. For example, someone suffering from a stroke may be eligible to collect compensation for the impairment that causes difficulties with walking. On the other hand, someone who was injured at work may be able to recover damages based on the impact that the accident had on their work performance. The person who has been impacted will need to prove that the effects of the injury have significantly changed their life.

Many people who are experiencing symptoms associated with this condition are hesitant to discuss their situation with family members and friends. This is because they may fear that they will become the target of cruel tardive dyskinesia lawsuit settlements. Unfortunately, there are those who take advantage of people who are experiencing this condition and take advantage of their poor health conditions. When family and friends learn about the condition, they may be surprised at how well the person with the condition is able to function in society.

The main goal of a tardive dyskinesia lawsuit is to ensure that the person with this condition receives the treatment that they need. Because this disease has no cure, it can be difficult for someone to realize that they may have been the victim of medical negligence. However, if you feel that you have been a victim of this condition and would like to pursue a lawsuit settlement against the medical professionals who may have caused you harm, you should contact a Palm Beach tardive dyskinesia attorney today. These lawyers are familiar with all of the necessary requirements that must be met in order to file a successful case.

3 thoughts on “How to Look For Tardive Dyskinesia Lawsuit Settlements

  1. I took Abilify for 11 years at 15 MG a day. Over the 11years I had about 5 different doctors prescribe this med and not one of these doctors warned me of side effects or Tardive dyskinesia or the Tardive touretts that I now have. I have been diagnosed 4 times with TD, 3 were neurologist. While on Abilify I suffered compulsive sexual behavior, some gambling. I also just quit paying my bills. 3 months after quitting Abilify my whole world came crashing to a stop. I was fainting/falling and braking bones including hip. I fell hit head and was knocked out for 2 days.

    My hair was falling out, I developed sores in and around mouth which eventually spread all over my body. I’ve had these sores for over 2 years now, they never go away. I talked gibberish, still can’t find words to use or remember things and memories.

    While on Abilify I developed leg and foot movements that never stopped even when I went to bed. I have lots of painful spasms from waist down. But the most devastating is the tongue movements that dart in and out of the mouth and the drewling. I can’t wear my dentures because my tongue pushes them out of my mouth and also I gag on the dentures. I have alot of sore throats and swallowing issues now. Also I quit going out in public because of the Tardive touretts I am constantly from moment I wake til sleep making noise, or humming. Sometimes it gets very loud and frustrating. Because of these things I have changed, mentally, physically. I have an anger issues I’m quick to get anger and voice it. I have lost some friends over it. Also my son quit speaking to me because he thinks I’m on street drugs he won’t listen about TD because it sounds to unbelievable.

    This has ruined my life, I haven’t been able to find anyone to help me get some compensation for this brain injury caused by Abilify and doctors.

    I’m trying to stay positive but slowly losing hope. Thank you

  2. She’s been gone since 2006.. I have no question that she had this, and it seemed to be diagnosed only long before that.
    Is there any recourse?

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