PayPal Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Announced


The PayPal class action lawsuit is targeting a nationwide class of consumers. The settlement is a result of a settlement agreement with PayPal that will pay the claimants $10 million in CAD. The settlement was approved by the Quebec Superior Court on February 26, 2021. The company will also pay a similar sum in the U.S. if the case proceeds through trial. The lawsuit is the latest in a series of settlements between PayPal and its users.

The lawsuit claims that PayPal failed to properly handle the disputed transactions that occurred on user accounts and that it put holds, reserves, and limitations on the accounts.

The settlement also alleges that the company failed to provide monthly account statements, which are required by law. The settlement will be decided by the Superior Court of Justice. The amount of money that the Plaintiffs will receive will depend on the specifics of their lawsuit. The suit will require a claim form to file.

The PayPal lawsuit also claims that the company engaged in unfair and deceptive practices in online currency conversions. The companies charged users more for these transactions than was permitted by their user agreements. They also allegedly converted purchases and withdrawals without authorization. This is a massive problem, and PayPal denies any liability. The plaintiff must complete a claim form to file a claim. The case is still pending in the Northern District of California but is expected to settle.

In addition to a lawsuit in the federal courts of California, a settlement has been reached between the parties in a class action against PayPal.

The settlement was reportedly worth $3 million, with $800,000 going to certain Claim Members. The company denies wrongdoing and agrees to pay the money to avoid a lengthy and expensive trial. These lawsuits can prove to be a big boon to consumers, as they can help them get the money they deserve.

This lawsuit claims that PayPal did not give customers the necessary notices when they requested an account freeze. Moreover, it failed to inform its customers about the account freeze. This is a large amount of money per person. As a result, the PayPal class action claims are filed against the company. However, the settlement does not address the issue in detail. While the settlement is significant, there are still many issues with the settlement.

The lawsuit filed against PayPal is a class-action lawsuit in California federal court that was originally filed against PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PayPal).

The lawsuit alleges that PayPal misled investors with its practices and failed to disclose the existence of an investigation into PayPal’s procedures and disclosure controls. Further, the case claims that the company also failed to disclose that the SEC and the CFPB were investigating the company’s practices related to the handling of their credit cards.

As for the settlement, the lawsuit alleges that PayPal has failed to disclose its procedures and disclosure controls when processing payments on its website. The payments system was not designed to be safe and secure, and many people lost their jobs and their money. The company was also accused of misleading investors by not disclosing this information to investors. The complaint filed against PayPal is the result of a class action in California federal court.

The lawsuit filed in California federal court is a result of an investigation by the SEC and CFPB into the company’s currency conversion practices.

In this case, the SEC and CFPB are investigating the company’s currency conversion practices. It is a common practice for businesses to disclose the fees of foreign currencies on their websites. As a result, many of the PayPal customers in the United States do not know their exact currency value, and they can’t be able to get the right amount.

The PayPal class-action lawsuit includes current and former users of the online payment service. It also covers users of PayPal who had their accounts suspended or closed or were subject to holds and reserves. It also covers those who have their accounts suspended or closed. The settlement includes a claim for actual damages of up to $2,000, but some investors are seeking a more modest amount. For example, a claim in a class-action case filed by a customer can include any other individual or business.

33 thoughts on “PayPal Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Announced

    1. I was forced by Verizon to receive payment through PayPal after expressing my past experience with the company. since I made an account specifically to receive the payment for trading in 2 devices, once the funds came through to my account I made a withdrawal and paid my rent at the hotel- 3 weeks later I get an email stating they made a mistake and withdrew the funds out the account that had a -0- balance, currently the balance is -440.00 and has had 1 transaction to reflect that amount. and this isn’t the 1st time my account was debited from a zero balance – the previous account I had for many years to make eBay purchases and transfer funds to friends and family- It was a personal account. In 2020 I was -800 negative from a -0- balance because a former friend withdrew his consent and provided a fraudulent claim. I offered IP location, text message, phone records even GPS location, and the information was rejected. there were 1 of the claims this person made that wasn’t paid. I was just trying to become familiar with the privilege they offered toby doing receipts and mostly any form could be created. I never sent the receipt they snooped my inbox and got the receipt.

      The most hurtful portion is that a couple of weeks before hand I was starving and need to get food. I called in and asked for a $20 provision to feed me and the household and was mocked /laughed at and told No.

  1. I have continually tried to close my account with PayPal to no avail! I have other people trying to use my account for purchases and the Company has failed to comply!

  2. PayPal put a HOLD on my funds of over $ 2000. Then, at the end of the hold period confiscated all of my balance citing a liquidated damages clause in their User Agreement. They refused to tell me how I violated the terms of the agreement. Absolutely ZERO due process considerations. Shortly afterwards, they shut down my Venmo account without explanation, after a single transaction regarding a loan repayment. Corporate criminals! I never heard of any class action suit against PayPal or I would have joined it.

  3. My PayPal was closed for no reason. Customer service was no good. They will not allow me to delete my credit card information so when they get breached I am not protected.

  4. Back in June of 2021., I was informed that my account was suspended for 6 months due to suspected fraud, but no reasons were given. Getting in touch with a live person at PayPal Customer Service was impossible. After 6 months, they took my $68 balance, too.

  5. Paypal will not release my funds and has made me constantly jump through hoops to try to get it released to no avail. It has been almost 3 weeks and they just told me it would be at least another week before they would contact me.

  6. Paypal will not cancel my account. It was the worst mistake I ever made. They are running charges causing overdrafts. I tried to cancel today. They are fraudsters.

  7. Paypal will not cancel my account. It was the worst mistake I ever made. They are running charges causing overdrafts. I tried to cancel today. They are fraudsters.

  8. Paypal let someone get access to my account and charge over $1,000 dollars in California that came out of my bank account and Overdraft fees to $3,000. I still have a copy of this transaction complained to Paypal and it was no concern of theirs who got into my account. I no longer buy from their site feeling violated.

  9. Numerous letters and email correspondences to PayPal, who were extremely difficult to deal with. There was an error in the initial request made by the director (me) in that the funds were requested to be transferred to the company bank account. This had unfortunately already been closed. We communicated and established that the bank had sent the funds back to PayPal as it should. The time spent trying to recover the funds or pursue legal remedies were uneconomic to continue to pursue the recovery of circa NZD$990. PayPal refused to communicate in a normal fashion by letter or telephone and communicated only through logging on to the account then refusing to acknowledge that the funds have been returned to them. It is a simple request to close the account and send the funds to liquidator. PayPal have failed to return the funds.

  10. How Can I Get My Money From Paypal?
    ALL My Payments Has Been Paid & Taken Out Of My Checking Accounts…..Paypal Charged Me With Late Fees Claiming It Was Denied By My Bank (Which Is BS)
    Because It Shows On My Statements That Paypal Was Paid.
    I Also Spoke With My Bank & They Said There Is NO PROBLEM With The Payments.
    Every Other Month Paypal Has Been reversing And Adding 29.00 While Taking Money From My Account.
    How Do I Get Refunded FROM PAYPAL?

  11. PayPal refunded a 3000.00 purchase by a person who took the merchandise 500 miles away simply because someone says Not as described ” They now have the item and I have no money

    I also refuse to give them any more info and have put a hold on my account for 8000 balance

    Time to institute a Class Action Law suit

    Looking for a free attorney to represent people effected by PayPal dictatorship actions Time to take PayPal down

    If you are effected or an attorney please email

  12. PayPal permanently banned my account after 20 years with them, refuses to explain why, refuses to look into, refuse to remove my credit cards and bank information, and refuses to give a damn. In addition, they also banned my Venmo account because of “multiple suspicious activities” when I had only used it ONCE to pay my friend. Their software algorithms run the show at the company, and the mindless humans are the actual robots there.

    1. You may wish to join the litigation in California against PayPal. Google class action PayPal.
      Also I suggest a complaint to both the CA state Attorney General and CFPB. The CFPB can lean on them pretty hard with penalties.

  13. They are trying to rip me off for $500 plus a gift of $100. from my son for my birthday. I read their forum and there has to be 100 complaints about sending money and getting nothing and as it says in their statement: your screwed once we send $, it’s your fault and we won’t back you up!
    I would have thought they would have been ordered to stop this action of ripping people off.

  14. i have a on going investgasting with paypal and stardust casino they are both hooked up to my ssn and stardust trasfured the winnings to my account at that time paypal then froze my account it has been 6 months now and since i have a papper tral and also a wells fargo accont that they could have closed the account out to when i asked them to close my account after i provided all the nessicery idenification and 1099 forms and even went as far as haveing my own finacial adviser fill out a form stating that im employed by her mother everything is 100% legal i even tried to have stardust pull the payment back they couldnt all they did was susspend my account i have not had a issue untill now with paypal and ive made countless reviews i have a new paypal because they wouldnt even pull up the custmer sevice

  15. Its SO EXCITING when a plan comes together and the
    nature of the BEAST is out in the open a little.
    Hold your hats because a WIND is gonna come through
    and surprise everyone.

  16. Oh and one more HUGE detail YOU ARE ALL MISSING while looking towards Paypal a MAJOR CRIME is going down and has been since 1913 . The Biggest Financial Crime of ALL TIME . Started off the east coast on
    Jekyll Island… RESTITUTION SOON or Shall we reconsider who is chosen . I think JUSTICE will be served for THE LAW of the TORAH … IS LAW . I would like to print money … who ??? does one inform ??? and magically STEAL AND BREAK THE TORAH ??? Must be a child of rotten blood line . Is Ra El ??? Yetzirah

    Zir Laiad 999

  17. I had a terrible experience with PayPal too… but mine was being used for my Onlyfans to buy photosets offsite I also used PP for things, like start-ups, or other merchants who used PP.. One of them was from what appeared to be Lowe’s advertising on Facebook, large plastic storage sheds, on clearance…. and the prices were like 1/8th of what they normally are.. So I paid for 2 of them, and learned that they never shipped… because the seller was a fraud, even on Facebook..! They seller had an active account on FB, selling all kinds of stuff, and even created fake websites to imposture real websites, like Lowe’s, for example, which looked to me like their legit website when I ordered those sheds…
    After learning this, I contacted PP, asked them to stop the funds.. / report a claim/ start an investigation./ etc… instead they closed my account, claiming that I was up to no good, and doing risky things. In a recorded conversation, they told me that they were doing an investigation, but would not reinstate my account, because they already determined that my transactions were risky, and terminated my account even though they had not concluded their investigation…(again, I recorded this conversation, legally according to the laws of my State, of Wisconsin) so I’m like… F.Y. too..!

    Thankfully, I had just transferred nearly all of my money less than a week before all this happened.. Otherwise, I would have joined the latest CAL..

  18. They screwed me over too and i got evidence to prove it. These fugazies reimbursed a customer i sold an expensive computer cpu too. no message no heads up, no request from the customer, no answer from him upon my request to return the cpu. This is straight greedy….look at all the other people they fucken steam rolled its clearly a criminal epedemic of extortion and greed. Dead weight apon society. If they think i wont fucken dedicate my life to ending there entire existence should i not get my money ……i will make sure that their demise is so gruesome the next ceo that replaces him will be nautious about it. If you work in a skyscraper and i cant afford your car and you wear white clothes you better not be leeching off the people………….it wasnt even requested by the customer and that customer already made out like a bandit he got a a strx40 1500.00 doller threadripper for five hundred dollers becayse i desperately needed a car that i went to pay for and found my cash missing so it got sold and it was litterly a game changing event for me ive been waiting five years to get my license and shit togeather……….now im fucked……..the days seem to get worse not better. im going to have to litterly pull the sickness out of this country…. im going to have to start a civil war or run for president if i ever want this place to have some intergrity and respect for eachother…..cause right now my governent should be helping its citizens straighten these people out they had no problem straightening the abortion law right out of the key foundation in society……….. but no they
    would rather sell out american values and have you pay for a laywer so they can get the court fees and add to the never ending monopoly game they use to keep us as voluntary slaves to the system. extorting perpetuating the draconian way of life america has become. Makes me naucious this shit would never fly back in the day when we where still american and every country wanted to be like us…….you got maybe two months for i start rallying people into fucking riots ……… grammar and shit sucks but my speeches ………i could sell allergies to a hypocondriac if i wanted too… soo fucken keep testing me im from connecticut we one of the 13 origanol tea party crashing bell smashing red coat thrashen yankee doodle randys

  19. Paypal witheld $742.00 for 5 months in order to “sort out my activity.” After 5 months, they kept the $742.00 because they said, “I posed a danger to them.”
    What recourse do I have?

  20. PP froze, then confiscated over $2300 from me for nonspecific violation of their user agreement. Is there any class action I can join to recover my money? It’s not right!

  21. In addition to stealing $2300 from me, they refused to honor their guarantee that I would receive product that I ordered using their service. PP is a scam. Elon should buy it back and bring commercial honor back to the platform.

  22. I sent info to CFPB about pp taking my credit line to $170 from over $5000 after I had a dispute during covid that they ignored and made excuses over and over instead of handling and they recently took 3% from money I sent my daughter that is “fee free” according to their own terms and I was assured the money would be refunded while both my daughter and I were sending the info they requested. HA! We have the transcript saying it would be refunded and after over 2 hours wasted by both of us online and 9 months later, pp never refunded a penny They are a vindictive Scam co. that has not place in theUS..They are still rackateering as the case in CA sued them over

  23. I have a case where a scammer impersonating a legitimate artisan scammed me using the “friends and family” PayPal payment option – I have documentary evidence/ screenshots etc. PayPal refused to do anything; said I should lodge a credit card dispute with my bank instead. I lodged a credit card dispute with the back and provided a lot of evidence. The bank almost approved the card dispute, until PayPal sent them a statement saying I “violated the PayPal user agreement” by accepting to use “friends and family” payment option. PayPal refuses to accept that the scammer used their own PayPal a/c to scam me under false pretence, and it was the scammer who asked me to use “friend and family” option which is against the PayPal User Agreement. Any chance I can join this or another class action against PayPal?

  24. PayPal is allowing unknown individuals access to my account and personal information and change the phone number in the account so every time I try to change the password I’m unable to.
    PayPal will not close the account because I got married and my name has changed.
    I have all the documentation to prove who I am but it’s not enough to close the account to stop them.
    PayPal has no problem in letting the hacked account and the people accessing it illegally continue to use it.
    oh, and this has been going on for nearly 4 years
    I’m paying for identity protection just because of PayPal.
    I want to file a lawsuit who wants my case?

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