Ticketmaster Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Announced


The Ticketmaster class action lawsuit claims that the company has unfair practices and is a monopoly in the ticketing industry. The suit was filed in federal court in Los Angeles after a CBC and Toronto Star report revealed that the company colluded with scalpers to sell tickets for a higher price. It was filed by Hagens Berman, a law firm representing lead plaintiff Allen Lee. The company has also been sued by Live Nation Entertainment and other event organizers.

The proposed class-action includes all US consumers who bought tickets through the Ticketmaster secondary market, as well as Live Nation customers.

Because the company controls over 70% of the secondary market, the proposed class could include hundreds of thousands or millions of people. As a result, the company has a lot at stake in the outcome. The lawsuit will take the company to court to make sure it doesn’t violate the law. It will also be important to remember that the court will determine whether the settlement is fair.

The class-action suit cites several violations of federal laws. The companies are accused of encouraging the sale of fake tickets through the secondary market and promoting the sale of ticket scalpers. The lawsuit alleges that these practices are a violation of consumer protection laws. The law firms are suing the companies that profit from this practice. The companies have yet to publicly acknowledge any wrongdoing. The final approval hearing is scheduled in January in Los Angeles Superior Court. Ticketmaster expects the settlement to be worth $35 million.

The court ruling was a big victory for consumers who want to bring a lawsuit.

In addition to being fair, the case is also important for ticket sellers. While a settlement is far from perfect, it will allow Ticketmaster to make changes to their website that would help their customers. Moreover, the judge granted the defendants’ motion to compel arbitration. While it’s a good step for consumers, the agreement does not guarantee a full and fair hearing.

The New York Attorney General has ruled that Ticketmaster violates the law by allowing scalpers to sell tickets on its website. While the company has never publicly admitted any wrongdoing, the lawsuit is a positive step for consumers who are unable to get tickets for events. This lawsuit also provides a way for a concert to be publicized, so that it may be more accessible. And it will also benefit the artist and the audience.

Ticketmaster’s alleged illegal tactics have been investigated by the Federal Trade Commission and the New York Attorney General’s office.

The FTC has also ruled that the company allegedly overcharges consumers and threatens venues. The investigation has resulted in a $400 million settlement with Ticketmaster. Despite the lawsuit, it’s important to understand the background of the company. A lot of people believe that the companies are unfair in their practices, but the law does not protect them.

The lawsuit claims that Ticketmaster knowingly inflated prices for its tickets. This is not true. The company’s website is free of any additional charges and fares are not regulated by the federal government. Regardless of the type of law, there are no laws that prevent the company from overcharging consumers. A settlement, which settles the case, will not be cheap. The money will go towards the plaintiffs’ legal fees and other expenses. The money will not be reimbursed.

The lawsuit was filed after a similar lawsuit was rejected in 2020. In that case, a US District Judge found that the resale unit turned a blind eye to the scalpers.

The resale unit of Ticketmaster’s reselling division, dubbed TradeDesk, enabled inflated ticket prices. Its members-only site was supposedly designed to encourage these individuals to sell tickets.

The Ticketmaster class action lawsuit claims that the company has illegally charged consumers with fees that are not disclosed. The plaintiffs, including those who purchased tickets through Ticketmaster, did not receive notices that the company was charging them more than they were paying. The lawsuit states that the company violated the law by violating its consumer protections. A jury can impose a penalty on a corporation for defamation or wrongful conduct.

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  1. Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster despite filing a claim of 275$ worth of surcharges from Ticketmaster, they offered me $5.00 off vouchers for concerts I do not want to attend! What a scam. What can I do? Thanks. Gwendolynne smith- Kerr. I still have more than half the tickets with surcharges

  2. How do I get in touch with the lawyer regarding the Ticketmaster /Live Nation lawsuit regarding unethical fees and being monopolistic in nature.

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