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Tobacco lawsuit lawyers are increasingly popular, and the success of these cases may be partially due to the failure of the US government to regulate the tobacco industry. The tobacco industry’s rampant growth and its ability to exploit the public is an ongoing concern for the legal system. While the US government has taken steps to reduce the level of tobacco advertising and promotion, there are still many questions that remain unanswered. If you are considering filing a lawsuit, make sure to consider the following:

Attorney Peter Angelos

A Baltimore lawyer specializing in tobacco cases, Attorney Peter Angelos is no stranger to the news. He has served on city councils and ran unsuccessfully for mayor. He is also a prominent philanthropist, donating millions to the University of Baltimore Law School and other local causes. The school even has a building bearing his parents’ names – John and Frances. Angelos owned various downtown buildings and sued to prevent development outside the central business district.

An East Baltimore native, Peter Angelos has built a renowned legal career by representing people who have suffered from the effects of tobacco use. He represents people who have been harmed by asbestos exposure, and he is one of the most respected tobacco lawsuit lawyers in the country. He has won over $1 billion for his clients. As a former tobacco industry executive, Angelos’ legal practice has also won several cases involving personal injury and asbestos-related illnesses.

Class action lawsuits

Tobacco lawsuits were born in the mid-1990s when more than 40 states began litigation against the industry. The states sought monetary, equitable, and injunctive relief under various antitrust and consumer protection laws. Mississippi attorney general Mike Moore filed the first lawsuit in May 1994. In subsequent cases, more than two dozen states joined in, resulting in more than $900 million in awards. The lawsuits are still pending.

Tobacco litigations were a popular way to raise money because the companies had become a major source of public health costs. They were often successful, as smokers were essentially assuming the risk of cancer. In addition, tobacco companies were also accused of violating state consumer protection laws. But tobacco companies have long argued that they were not liable for the effects of smoking. For example, in Cipollone v. Liggett, they were aware that their products were addictive.


The effectiveness of tobacco lawsuit lawyers largely depends on their ability to bring the industry to the negotiating table. In many cases, they have succeeded in reducing the industry’s power to fight effective controls on tobacco use. Ultimately, the success of such lawsuits will depend on whether or not the industry does live up to its rhetoric. After all, the industry is the deadliest consumer product ever developed, and it will not make a change without a lot of political organizing, community engagement, and public education.

Tobacco litigation is a highly complex area of law. Lawyers must know complex scientific analyses and legal theories to properly represent their clients. Because the tobacco industry’s arguments are so important to the litigation context, attorneys with experience in this area must be involved. Tobacco lawsuits are complex and require the skills of a highly qualified lawyer. In addition, attorneys must know about tobacco litigation law, because the case will have complex legal theories and an aggressive opponent.


Tobacco lawsuits are historically complex. They are not just about nicotine, but also about the way tobacco companies were able to hide the harmful effects of their product. Tobacco lawsuits are often brought in federal court, and the viability of your case may depend on the state where you file. Tobacco lawsuit lawyers are knowledgeable about the proper way to file your claim and keep it active. Tobacco records should be preserved as soon as possible.

Tobacco litigation is one of the most difficult areas of the law, with many complex legal issues. Tobacco companies have extensive resources to fight your case and a strong will to win. You need a firm with the experience and resources to fight for you. Here are some tips to choose the best tobacco lawsuit lawyer for your situation. Weigh your options carefully before making a decision. There are several benefits of hiring a specialist firm to handle your case.


Tort claims against tobacco companies have been filed since the 1950s, but the first wave of cases petered out by the 1970s. The second wave of cases followed, beginning in the 1980s, and a third wave is catching up. Although not a tidal wave, some United States plaintiffs are enjoying success in their tobacco litigation cases. Listed below are some of the recent victories by tobacco lawsuit attorneys.

Mississippi: The first state to settle with the tobacco industry has been awarded more than $8.2 billion in attorney fees. The award is one of the largest in the history of American law, and it will be split between dozens of lawyers in the state. The award is much less than some of the tobacco lawyers were hoping for. Five trial attorneys in Texas had originally sought $25 billion for negotiating a settlement. The final result is $3.3 billion, which is a lot of money, but not as big as lawyers would have liked.

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