Why Is A Red Robin Lawsuit Being Espoused?


Red Robin is a popular restaurant chain that can be located in all states of the US, but their most well-known occurrence is in the state of Michigan. In 2021, a man filed a lawsuit against the restaurant chain after he was injured while at the restaurant. According to the Detroit News, the man, identified as David R. Ziemba, filed the suit because he was walking out of the restaurant carrying his dog when a security guard shot him in the leg. The bullet went through Ziemba’s leg and into his right arm. Ziemba later developed severe nerve damage, which caused him to miss work for several weeks.

Red Robin Lawsuit

David Ziemba’s lawyer, Robert J. Siskel of Detroit, stated that his client “was acting within the confines of his restaurant and was in no way liable for the actions of the security guard.” Despite this claim, Red Robin did not settle the case with the defendant’s insurance policy in full. Instead, they offered him fifty dollars, an amount that Siskel said was insufficient to cover the medical bills and legal fees. Ultimately, the claim was lost.

Because of this dispute, the Michigan Court of Claims considered another claim by Ziemba, which involved liability for failure to prevent a dangerous condition inside one of their restaurants.

According to court documents, Ziemba’s claim read that he was working in a Red Robin in March 2021 when a ceiling collapse caused a dangerous gas leak inside the restaurant. This claim also stated that the restaurant was not properly inspected prior to the collapse. An employee of Red Robin was called to the scene, but declined to help because of his own safety concerns. As a result, this claim was also denied by the court.

Because of the restaurant’s refusal to resolve these issues, the Michigan Court of Claims has now ordered both sides to mediation, where they will try to come to an agreement.

If no agreement is reached, then the court will issue a decision, which is final. However, many experts have expressed optimism over the possibility that the restaurant owners may eventually reach some type of financial resolution with the lawsuits.

Both sides of the issue have expressed optimism about reaching a settlement.

Plaintiffs lawyer, John B. Ziemba, Jr. of Detroit, has expressed his desire to reach a settlement quickly in order to move on with his life. On the other hand, defendants have indicated that they are prepared to go to trial if necessary. For their part, plaintiffs attorney, Mark R. Larson of Detroit, has requested that the case be tried before a jury.

The case, Red Robin LLC v. Mark R. Larson, Case No. 615UVJ, will begin on February. If the plaintiffs win, they may be entitled to receive compensation for past and future medical expenses and pain and suffering, as well as for the physical and emotional distress caused by the restaurant’s negligence. If the restaurant owners lose, they may be responsible for past and future losses and medical costs that stem from the incident.

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