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When you are looking for a law firm, you may want to look no further than ALG lawyers. They represent a diverse group of clients, from large master communities to smaller townhome projects. Some of their clientele includes insurance companies, private clubs, and trade organizations, such as the Miami Association of Realtors, which has more than 50,000 members. The award-winning firm is dedicated to providing the best possible communication. In addition to offering the best legal services, ALG also works to represent the interests of its clients.

Legal services provided by all lawyers

ALG lawyers provide comprehensive legal services for associations, condominiums, and homeowner associations. Our attorneys represent the interests of major insurers, private clubs, trade organizations, and homeowners’ associations. ALG attorneys have recovered over 150 million dollars for clients, and continue to lead the legal profession by introducing innovative legal strategies. We have contributed to Florida’s new news laws, and perform pro bono services. We are also dedicated to communication.

ALG provides legal services to condominiums, HOAs, and other associations, focusing on residential real estate. The firm also serves as general counsel to hundreds of condominiums, HOAs, and not-for-profit corporations. We represent insurance companies, property owners, and third parties, including insurance agents. We also handle corporate and real estate transactions, such as the transition of association control from developers to unit owners. Our lawyers have handled over $5 billion in real estate transactions, including more than 5,000 construction defect claims.

Award-winning law firm

ALG Lawyers have been awarded several awards for their commitment to the community. Their work in the Irish refugee community was recognized with the organization’s collaboration with the Irish Refugee Council. This year’s Chambers Ireland CSR Awards saw the firm win an award for Excellence in Marketplace. The firm also achieved Business Working Responsibly Mark. In addition to their work in the community, ALG also has several trainee schemes that take graduates through a three-year training program.

The company offers internships to students enrolled in full-time law degree programs and is accredited by the Bar Council of India. Students must expect to become a member of the Bar Council of a state before taking up an internship with ALG Lawyers. Interested students should read the requirements for each internship program carefully and apply accordingly. The application process is simple. ALG Lawyers is proud of its exceptional record of success in the legal community and looks forward to working with you.

Offices in Vancouver

ALG Lawyers have offices in Vancouver, Surrey, and Abbotsford. They have a team of experienced lawyers and paralegals who work to maintain the rule of law in today’s complex social, political, and technological climates. Regardless of the nature of your legal case, you’re likely to find a skilled and compassionate lawyer at ALG. Read on to learn more about their experience and expertise in the legal field.


If you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you may be looking for an Alg lawyer in Surrey. This is a broad category of offenses in the criminal code, different from the motor vehicle act in British Columbia. A good Surrey criminal defense lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of this charge. You can also hire a Surrey criminal defense lawyer if you have been arrested for a different crime.


ALG Lawyers is a law firm with offices in Vancouver, Surrey, and Abbotsford, British Columbia. It is composed of experienced lawyers and paralegals who balance the rule of law with today’s social, political, and technological climate. They have helped many residents resolve legal issues. To learn more, visit their website today. They can answer all of your legal questions. Listed below are some of the legal services provided by ALG Lawyers.

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