Anthem Blue Cross Class Action Lawsuit


Anthem Blue Cross is a massive financial firm that deals with various types of clients and their health insurance needs. They have a wide variety of services that can benefit any client. However, this does not mean that the company offers excellent legal services. A recent article discusses one such case in which the plaintiff was unable to receive any money after the corporation’s lawyers apparently tried to force him into a lawsuit.

Anthem Blue Cross Class Action Lawsuit

The plaintiff was one Mr. Joseph W. Smith, who suffered a serious head injury in a work related accident. The injury ultimately left him paralyzed. This led him to become totally disabled as he now cannot even walk. The lawyers for Anthem Blue Cross failed to listen to the details of the case submitted by the doctor treating Mr. Smith at the hospital. They insisted that Mr. Smith should be awarded the money due to his disability in the form of a class action lawsuit.

This is a common practice that many lawyers have engaged in the past.

In fact, class action lawsuits are based on this principle. However, the lawyers for Anthem Blue Cross apparently felt that they had the right to force Mr. Smith to file a lawsuit by threatening him with physical violence if he did not submit to their demand. This shows that their attitude towards the client is quite different from the other side. One can only wonder what more these lawyers could have done to make this class action lawsuit a success.

This is another case where the lawyer used intimidation tactics to get what they wanted.

Unfortunately, their threats turned out to be baseless. After the lawsuit, Mr. Smith got his money back. He is suing the company for his medical bills that have been caused by the injury he sustained while working.

What makes this story different from most of the other lawsuits against large companies?

One important factor is the lawyer that the union is backing. Unions have always had a soft corner when it comes to settling cases. The question now is whether the union will stand behind its candidate in this instance or whether it is just trying to appease its members.

No matter how you look at the situation, it is clear that Anthem Blue Cross should have settled the case long ago.

They spent millions of dollars on advertising and the lawyers involved were paid a very generous amount of money. Why didn’t they just settle the case in the first place? If they had, there would have been no monetary damages awarded. No one really knows who is going to win this lawsuit, which means the money that has been wasted on advertising and lawyers will never be recovered.

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