Class Action Lawsuit Against Nelnet Student Loan Servicing


In a recent lawsuit, two Chicago law firms joined forces with the Domina Law Group to file a class-action lawsuit against Nelnet. They identify five proposed classes and one for individual states. The plaintiffs seek relief for students who were denied the IDR, and for those whose application was rejected by the company because they did not meet eligibility requirements. In addition, the suit identifies potential class members who were turned down for an IDR or had their application for forgiveness delayed by Nelnet while it was pending.

The lawsuit charges that Nelnet violated federal debt collection laws by putting the accounts of some of its customers into forbearance.

The Oregon Unlawful Trade Practices Act and the Nebraska Consumer Protection Act are applicable in the lawsuit. The U.S. Department of Education backs the student loans. However, the plaintiffs claim that the company abused their trust and misrepresented their loans. The class-action suit was filed by Kimberly Isner-Monticello, a former Nelnet student who received a Juris Doctor degree from Stetson University College of Law.

The plaintiff, an Oregon woman named Carolyn Olsen, is a licensed attorney in Omaha. She claims that her student loans were transferred to Nelnet for servicing after she graduated from college. She claimed that the company did not inform her that she was delinquent on her loans and that she would not have to make monthly payments. She claims she was lied to about the payment amount and was left with a $40,000 bill.

In the lawsuit against Nelnet, Olsen alleged that the company acted improperly by misrepresenting its affiliation with the U.S. Department of Education.

Moreover, the law firm asserted that Nelnet violated the federal debt collection laws. In addition to misrepresenting its affiliation with the U. S. Department of Education, it knowingly and falsely misled plaintiffs about the loan terms. It also alleges that it did not follow the rules of the CARES Act. The class suit claims that the law firm drafted for Olsen’s case is not a case of negligence; instead, it is a case of intentional misconduct by the company.

The lawsuit claims that Nelnet violated federal debt collection laws and hid the true origin of its loans. These violations include the alleged misrepresentation of the company’s affiliation with the U.S. Department of Education. Furthermore, a woman’s complaint against Nelnet is based on her experience with the student loan. It was filed by an Oregon woman in June 2018. After learning that her loans were not exempted from the CARES Act deferment of payments, Olsen has not received any refunds.

A woman in Oregon is suing Nelnet over her student loan debt.

She claims that the student loan servicing company canceled her income-based repayment plan before the deadline, adding thousands of dollars to her loan. As a result, she claims that the company’s actions deprived her of the chance to make a monthly or annual payment, and therefore, boosted its profits. As a result, she has been unable to pay her debts.

The class-action lawsuit was filed by an Oregon woman who has several student loans with Nelnet. In June 2018, she filed the suit after learning that her loans were no longer eligible for CARES deferment under the CARES Act. She was adamant in her decision to contact the Domina Law Group pc llo. The attorneys will provide a questionnaire that will be required for the plaintiff to fill out.

The plaintiffs in the Nelnet class-action lawsuit are women who had taken out loans with the student loan servicer.

The lawsuit contends that the company’s messaging left them with the incorrect impression that their loans were federally backed. The Oregon woman, who lives in Portland, received her student loan in April but was unaware of the policy until she discovered that she was not making the required monthly or annual payments.

The lawsuit was filed by several women in Oregon who are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans from Nelnet. They claim that the company violated federal debt collection laws and misled them about the terms of their loans. She also claims that she was forced to pay back her loan at a higher rate than she was supposed to. The settlement is a win-win for the plaintiffs. They will be able to recover damages that are owed to them by Nelnet.

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