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If you need a family law lawyer, you are likely experiencing a time of stress and confusion. The emotional roller coaster that is a family law case is hard to handle, but you must focus on the future. There are many important decisions that you need to make during this time. In addition, you are likely trying to find peace of mind in a situation that may seem hopeless. Fortunately, there are family law lawyers near me who can help you through this trying time.


There are many factors to consider when looking for a family law attorney. Choosing the right attorney is crucial because the outcome of your case can depend on the quality of your work. Experience is important, as well. An experienced attorney will know what steps to take and be able to help you settle without having to go to court. Additionally, an experienced family law attorney will be able to effectively communicate with both sides of the divorce and act as an intermediary. Although a divorce is often a painful and emotional experience, a skilled family law attorney will be able to help you move your case forward and make it easier to achieve a fair settlement.

Randi L. Karmel, PLLC is a law firm based in New York City. They specialize in family law issues, including divorce, child custody and support, property division, and paternity. They have extensive experience working with high-asset divorces, and their attorneys can handle complex and difficult family law cases. The attorneys at Claudio & Associates, PLLC can also handle cases involving children, paternity, and domestic partnerships.


If you are planning to file for divorce and other family law matters in New York, you may be wondering how to find a good law firm. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before choosing a law firm. These firms can provide you with high-quality legal services. These legal professionals can guide you through the entire process. They have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. Listed below are some firms near me that you may want to consider.

Family law involves many complicated financial issues, including custody of children and spousal support. In addition, family attorneys must have extensive knowledge of other areas of law and have access to outside experts. For example, an attorney must know tax law, as these issues often impact the division of assets and alimony. Experts in this area should also have a strong understanding of accounting principles, including balance sheets, tax returns, and business valuations.

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If you are looking for a family law attorney near me, you can use the information in this article to locate the right lawyer. Family law involves some of the most sensitive areas of the law because it involves high stakes and emotional issues. The firm Tilem & Associates, PC, is based in White Plains, New York, and has helped many families in this area. Their profile also includes contact information, education, and biographical details, along with links to their firm’s website. The firm also features a contact form, which makes it easy for you to get in touch with the lawyer.

A family law attorney can help you get through any legal issues that arise, as they are often complex and often touch on other fields. For example, they might handle divorce cases on a no-fault or fault basis. They might handle a case involving property division or child custody. Other family law attorneys specialize in criminal law, dealing with allegations of abuse or neglect. A growing number of family law attorneys are also practicing in areas other than divorce.


If you are considering a career in family law, you may be wondering what specialties they specialize in. This field is expanding as more people are divorcing and separating. However, since there are many moving parts involved in this type of practice, it is difficult to find a steady job in this field. It is important to have excellent communication and negotiation skills, as well as good time management and counseling skills.

Some of the areas of specialization are asset division, no-fault divorce, custody, and visitation. Other areas of family law include mental cruelty, desertion, and property division. Some family law attorneys have extensive experience in criminal law, dealing with allegations of child abuse. Other areas may emerge as our society changes. The following are some specialties of family law lawyers near me. No matter which area you choose, it is essential to find a lawyer who is experienced and has the qualifications necessary for your particular case.

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