Knowing When To Hire A Divorce Attorney


While some people take the DIY approach in dealing with a divorce, it may not work for everyone. Hiring a divorce attorney is advised in most cases, especially when the situation gets more complicated. Some aspects that can make a divorce case complex include child custody, child support, division of assets, spousal support, etc. Many people going through a divorce often face conflicting opinions when it comes to engaging a divorce attorney or not.

Here are some questions you can evaluate to determine whether or not you need a divorce lawyer in Toronto.

Are you prepared for divorce?

Spouses divorce for various reasons, including infidelity, financial betrayal. Domestic abuse, emotional abuse, and more. Often marriages don’t work, and people in love can drift apart over time. However, not all divorce cases are dramatic, and some spouses can solve the situation amicably and go separate ways. This question is an important one to determine whether or not you need a divorce attorney or not. The situation’s complexity is the more reason to hire a attorney.

Is there property to divide?

A do-it-yourself divorce strategy works best when there is little or no property to divide between the spouses. The situation is complicated when there is more property or assets to divide, and this is because the chances of a conflict are high when more assets are involved. Even if there are no conflicts between the spouses, engaging a divorce lawyer is advisable to steer the process in the best path possible. That can prevent you from making costly mistakes that you will regret in the future.

Do you need a parenting plan?

A divorce can be complex when kids are involved because aspects like child custody and child support come into play. If you think assets complicate a divorce, that is nothing compared to custody battles. Every spouse loves their kids and wants to be a part of their life which is where things get messy. However, some spouses can work out a parenting plan on their own. If that is not possible, engaging a divorce lawyer is essential. At times a third party, and in this case a divorce attorney, is what it takes to come up with a doable parenting plan.

Does your spouse have a divorce lawyer?

When your spouse hires a divorce lawyer, it is in your best interests to hire one. Representing yourself against an experienced divorce lawyer is not easy, and you may lose more than intended to. Therefore having your lawyer puts you at an advantage because there is an expert to represent your interests. A divorce attorney has your best interests at heart.

Is the divorce high conflict?

Some spouses don’t file for a divorce because they want to, but circumstances force them to. Divorce is an emotional and stressful experience full of resentment, bitterness, and conflicts in most cases. In such situations, people don’t always think straight. Thankfully, a divorce lawyer brings objectivity into the case to help you solve the issue amicably.

The bottom line

Engaging a divorce attorney in a divorce case is advisable to avoid costly mistakes regardless of the situation.

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