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Lawyers in Lawrence, Kansas are listed in FindLaw’s directory, where you can review their educational background, fee structures, and locations. To make an appointment with a Lawrence, Kansas lawyer, simply fill out our contact form. Our lawyers are ready to discuss your case. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. However, if you have a specific legal need, you should contact several attorneys to get a better understanding of what their fees are.

FindLaw’s lawyer directory contains detailed information about legal services in Lawrence, Kansas.

If you’re looking for a lawyer in Lawrence, Kansas, you’ve come to the right place. FindLaw’s lawyer directory is the largest online directory of attorneys and law firms. Browse profiles of Lawrence, Kansas attorneys, and law firms to learn more about their experience, background, and education. If you’re looking for a lawyer in Lawrence, Kansas, you can also look through their client recommendations.

Search the directory to find a lawyer in Lawrence, Kansas. Attorneys listed in the Lawrence, Kansas, the area will be able to provide legal services for both individuals and businesses. Moreover, their credentials and experience are impressive. For example, Scott Ross is a member of the American Bar Association, the Kansas Bar Association, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Additionally, he is a member of the Missouri Bar.

Fee structures

Fee structures for attorneys in Lawrence, Kansas can vary widely, depending on the type of representation needed. The most common fee structure involves a flat rate, which is usually used in criminal cases and standard types of representation. An attorney projects what it will cost to represent the client and attempts to collect the fee upfront. Many clients want representation but are not prepared to pay the balance in full. They pay the initial retainer, and the remainder is billed monthly or at the end of the case.

Many attorneys work with a contingency fee, which is a set percentage of the amount of money they charge. This structure is common in all types of legal services but can make clients feel anxious about the cost of legal services. The average hourly rate for attorneys in Lawrence, Kansas is about $275, which is fairly high for most types of legal matters. If you want to avoid this, another option is a flat fee, which involves a set fee for the lawyer’s time. In most cases, a flat fee is paid upfront and is typically the best option for simple and form-based cases.


A traditional Juris Doctor program at the Kansas Law School requires 90 hours of coursework. Nearly 30 of those hours are completed during the first year of the program. Students take six core courses, including criminal and constitutional law, contracts, property, torts, and civil procedure. They also take a two-semester course introducing the basic skills of lawyering. Students who complete the program receive a Juris Doctor degree and are eligible to sit for the Kansas Bar Exam.

Adam Ross is an attorney who has been practicing law in Lawrence, Kansas since 2008. He is admitted to the Kansas Bar Association, the Kansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Douglas County Bar Association. He has authored legislation and presented continuing legal education programs. In addition to practicing law in Lawrence, he has also argued before the Kansas Supreme Court. He is a Lawrence resident and a proud father of twin boys. To contact his firm, please complete the form below.


If you’re looking for a lawyer in Lawrence, Kansas, you’ll find them in a variety of places, from the local Chamber of Commerce to the FindLaw Lawyer Directory. FindLaw’s Lawyer Directory features more than one million listings, including law firms and individual attorneys. Each listing provides important details about an attorney, including their biography, education and training, and client recommendations. You can also use FindLaw’s contact form to directly connect with Lawrence’s attorneys for legal advice.

There are 77 attorneys in Lawrence, Kansas. Each profile includes their office address, contact information, and area of practice. Additionally, lawyers are listed by practice area and by client recommendations, making it easy to find the right lawyer for your needs. This makes finding a lawyer in Lawrence, Kansas quick and easy. And once you find a lawyer you like, you can review their bio and get a free consultation to discuss your case.

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