Understanding Personal Injury Law in Simple Terms

Personal Injury Lawyer

By Andy Gillin of GJEL Accident Attorneys

Imagine this: you’re going about your day, and suddenly, you get hurt because of someone else’s mistake. It’s not something anyone plans for, but it happens. That’s where personal injury law comes in. Think of it as a set of rules that help people like you when they’re injured because of someone else.

When you’re hurt and it’s not your fault, you might wonder, “Can I get some help here?” Personal injury law says, “Yes, you can!” It’s like a promise that if someone else causes you harm, there’s a way to fix things, at least in terms of money to cover your losses.

Here’s a quick guide to understanding this area of law and how it can help you.

A personal injury attorney knows the rules and can help you through the whole process. They’re your guide to making sure you get the help you need.

What’s Personal Injury Law All About?

Personal injury law is all about your rights when you’ve been hurt by someone else. It’s the legal way to make sure the person who caused your injury takes responsibility. Whether you’ve slipped on a wet floor in a store or been in a car crash, this law is there to support you.

You can take your case to court, whether it’s a state or a federal one. You become the “plaintiff,” and the person or company you’re pointing to as responsible is the “defendant.”

The law covers a bunch of different situations where you might get hurt:

  • Accidents: If someone wasn’t careful and you got hurt, like in a car accident or at a doctor’s office, this law covers it.
  • Strict Liability: Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if the person didn’t mean to hurt you. If their action led to your injury, like a broken toy hurting a child, they have to help make it right.
  • Intentional Harm: If someone hurts you on purpose, like in a fight, that’s also covered.

Who Can You Sue?

You can sue whoever is directly responsible for your injury. This could be a person, a business, or even a government office. Sometimes, there’s more than one person you can sue. In most cases the insurance companies are who we will sue and hold responsible.

Your lawyer can look at the details and figure out who should be held accountable. Most of the time, though, you’ll be dealing with an insurance company since they’re the ones with the money to cover your injuries.

Proving Your Case

To win your case, you have to show that the other person was supposed to be careful, wasn’t, and that’s why you got hurt. You’ll need to prove that what you’re saying is more likely true than not.

What Can You Get?

If you win, the law tries to put things back the way they were before you got hurt. You might get money for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost money if you couldn’t work
  • Pain and suffering

Sometimes, you might even get extra money if the person who hurt you was really out of line. There are rules on how much money you can get, and a good lawyer will help you understand them. At GJEL we have recovered over $980 Million dollars for our clients.

Settling or Going to Court?

You don’t always have to go to trial to get money for your injuries. A lot of cases get settled outside of court, which can be quicker and less stressful. But sometimes, going to court might get you more money.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

Absolutely. A personal injury lawyer knows the rules and can help you through the whole process. They’re your guide to making sure you get the help you need.

If you’re in a situation like this, reach out to us at GJEL Accident Attorneys. Andy Gillin can help you figure things out. You can find us at 1625 The Alameda #511, San Jose, CA 95126, United States. We’re here to make sure you’re treated fairly and get what you need to recover.

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