Washington Council of Lawyers – Expand Access to Justice and Cultivate a Vibrant Public-Interest Community


The Washington Council of Lawyers is the public-interest bar association for the District of Columbia. The organization’s mission is to increase access to justice, promote pro bono service, and cultivate a vibrant public-interest-minded community. The council’s mission is achieved through several programs and services. Listed below are some of its core services. To learn more about what the council offers, visit its website. (Alternatively, you can find it on Facebook.)

Public-interest bar association for the District of Columbia

A Public-interest bar association in the District of Columbia is working to ensure that all citizens have access to justice, regardless of their socioeconomic status. The organization works to promote pro bono service and public-interest law, expand access to justice and create a vibrant community of public-interest lawyers. Its mission is to help protect and advance the rights of people facing civil legal challenges. However, this work has not been easy.

The DC Bar’s Pro Bono Program helps low-income families and individuals obtain legal representation. The Pro Bono Program recruits volunteers to help low-income DC families and community-based nonprofits. The Housing and Consumer Law Clinic provides free legal counsel to low-income DC residents in housing-related civil litigation. The Resource Center provides free legal assistance to unrepresented landlords. It also offers education and resources for low-income families and veterans.

The Public-interest Bar Association of the District of Columbia focuses on issues affecting the legal profession. As a member, you can benefit from discounted CLE programs and publications. Affinity partner discounts can also be a valuable perk. Members can also enjoy discounted rates for D.C. Bar publications. In addition, the D.C. Bar also offers discounted rates for CLE courses and publications. In addition, you can also join its Nominations Committee to help choose the best candidates.

Hosts programs and panels to promote pro bono service

The State Bar of Alabama’s Volunteer Lawyers Program uses Twitter to highlight opportunities for volunteer lawyers, while the ABA Center for Pro Bono uses the site to share the latest news about pro bono projects. The Washington Council of Lawyers hosts programs and panels to promote pro bono service, and several other state and local organizations also support pro bono efforts. The State Bar of Georgia’s Pro Bono Project mobilizes lawyers, distributes disaster relief updates, and engages in a variety of experiential learning opportunities.

When the Attorney General issued a Call to Action, the legal community responded in force. Major legal organizations adopted eviction prevention as a priority and encouraged their members to take action. Washington Council of Lawyers hosted training for hundreds of pro bono attorneys, and the Association for Pro Bono Counsel organized a help-a-thon for Georgia Free Legal Answers. Pro bono lawyers gathered in Washington to share their personal experiences and stories of helping low-income families in need.

The Center for Pro Bono Initiatives also offers various programs and educational sessions on the subject. Speakers discuss innovative ways to expand the scope of pro bono service. These programs focus on the role of government lawyers, in-house attorneys, and the federal government in promoting pro bono service. The Task Force also includes prominent legal aid practitioners and law school administrators, who have been advancing pro bono initiatives for more than 30 years.

Promotes diversity in the legal community

One of the best ways to increase the number of lawyers from diverse backgrounds is to improve the representation of those who are underrepresented in the legal field. Statistics show that a diverse legal community results in better decision-making, enhanced client service, and a positive reputation. It also increases access to the justice system for all Americans. As the percentage of attorneys from diverse backgrounds increases, leaders should work to promote diversity in their organizations and highlight their successes.

It is important for law firms to be transparent in their D&I goals. Having a defined D&I goal makes the goals more tangible and creates a sense of firm culture that promotes diversity. When the process is transparent, it feels more like a business decision, rather than philanthropy. Further, transparency between the legal community and diversity-related initiatives can help create a more equitable environment.

One organization that has worked to promote diversity in the legal community is the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund. Thurgood Marshall, the first African American Supreme Court justice, founded the LDF in 1940. Most large law firms have a relationship with the NAACP, including Hall Render, which won the LDF law firm of the year award in 2011, and Skadden, which is actively recruiting minority candidates through its Fried Frank Fellowship. Interestingly, the NAACP’s Women in Law program has been a longtime focus for the firm, and Hall Render is one of its sponsors.

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