What Should You Do After a DUI With Accident No Injury?

dui with accident no injury

The statistic is truly frightening: Every day, about 28 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes.

That’s one person every 52 minutes. Additionally, that statistic doesn’t include the outcome of a DUI with accident no injury.

With that being said, DUI traffic accidents are prevalent. Keep reading to learn what to do after being involved in a DUI with accident no injury.

What to Do After the Car Accident

The moments right after an auto accident are chaos. Keep reading to learn the steps you should take directly after an auto accident to minimize the commotion.

  1. Move Yourself and Your Car Out of Danger

The first thing you’ll want to do immediately after impact is to move yourself and, if possible, your car off the road. Try to move out of the way of traffic to avoid any further accidents.

If you are unable to move the car or step outside, do whatever you can to stay safe. Put on your hazard lights and make sure your seatbelt is on.

  1. Call 911

If you are able to, call 911 (even if it was a minor car accident.)

When speaking to 911, it is important to mention 3 things:

  1. The condition of the emergency. Make sure to explain what happened and note any time-relevant emergencies, such as traffic blockades or medical issues.
  2. The location of the incident. Give them as much information as you can by using street names and/or landmarks.
  3. The names and contact information of those involved in the accident.

Stay on the line with the operator until they have deemed it ok to hang up.

  1. Gather Information

If you can, this is the time to gather as much information about the auto accident scene as possible.

You’ll want to take down the following information: names and insurance information from everyone involved, vehicle information (plate numbers, make, model) for any cars involved, and photos/videos of the scene.

This information is incredibly important if you plan on hiring an attorney. Companies like Sweet Lawyers provide attorneys that are specifically trained in auto accident cases to lead the entire negotiation, taking the stress off your shoulders. Check out Sweetlaw.com for more information on auto accident lawyers.

What to Do After a DUI with Accident No Injury

After the smoke has cleared and everyone is accounted for, it’s time to get into the legal process. Let’s discuss what steps to take after a DUI accident with no injury:

  1. Determine DUI Laws

Before you begin the legal process, you’ll want to consult your state’s DUI laws. The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) ranges from .08% to .15% depending on the state.

  1. Have Evidence

This is the time to bring out the evidence you collected earlier. Having photos, videos, or recorded audio of the DUI car accident site can heavily influence your case.

  1. Check the Driver’s Insurance Policy

In a perfect world, the drunk driver’s insurance policy would be sufficient enough to settle the case. However, many insurance companies delay or decline compensation to victims, so it is important to check before dropping the case.

  1. Have an Outside Settling or Court Trial

If things go over well and the case can be settled outside of court, then you’re looking at a faster and cheaper outcome. If this is not possible, you may have to hire an attorney and face a jury.

Stand Your Ground

Knowing the procedures listed above can help you greatly when it comes to the high-pressure situation of a DUI with accident no injury.

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