Current Lawsuits Against Wal-Mart


Recently there have been a number of Current Lawsuits against Wal-Mart filed by employees and former employees. These lawsuits, and the responses from Wal-Mart management, raise questions about whether the corporate veil is too thick. Is Wal-Mart being held responsible for negligent actions or inactions of its own employees? In essence, are they being sued because they are human beings like us and deserve some form of recourse for our wrong doings?

One case that I recently saw on cable news involved an injury case in Florida that was settled with a $1.75 million settlement.

The incident in question was a battery that occurred while the claimant, a seventy-year-old retired engineer was at work. The dispute arose over whether or not the supervisor had instructed his employee to place him in a chair in order to test how comfortable he would sit in a chair after hours. The settled case went to court and the employee’s attorney alleged that he had been subjected to battery that day.

There are a number of reasons that lawyers find these Current Lawsuits against Wal-Mart disturbing.

The first is the apparent pattern of company policy encouraging and even requiring wrongful behavior by its employees. If a corporate policy can be proven to say that an employee has caused damage in a situation that falls under the class of Current Lawsuits against Wal-Mart then the corporation is held liable for the action. It may be difficult to prove these cases, but it is important not to second guess the legal process in this case. The litigation process is designed for just this reason.

Another reason why lawyers are very eager to file these lawsuits is because it allows them to put the corporate policies on trial.

For many corporations the current lawsuits will serve as a deterrent. It is common for corporate officers to fire any employee who brings up a case against the company. This type of reaction from management is not necessarily illegal per se, but often happens.

Current Lawsuits against Wal-Mart have been filed by workers for injuries sustained on the job.

The types of injuries include repetitive motion injury, stress caused from excessive hours, and caused by working too much and not getting enough rest. Some lawyers have also handled Class Action Lawsuits against Wal-Mart and have settled cases out of court sometimes allowing for substantial compensation. In one case lawyers won a case that was worth $6 million.

Lawyers who handle such cases are often very busy.

They will normally have many clients who want to sue Wal-Mart. There are many current case law books on the market and most law firms will have entire departments whose sole job is to file a new case law. The number of lawyers practicing this case law is expected to grow substantially in the next few years.

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  1. I like to find a lawyer against Walmart. I called the corporate number three times on an order I had. They lost my order and keep giving me different dates on when I would recive my order. Now they have no story, yes IAM getting my money back that I have to wait for but I also can not get what I was ordering as a gift for my mother and I also have to wait on the money to return to me. as well with them lying and also not allowing me to speak to a manager about this issue.

  2. ive had an extremely bad experience with local walmart it’s taken months to get answers no 1 will call back called customer care got put on hold for 1hr 15 mins. there mechanic screwed up I’m looking at having to spend $1000 to fix problem that started out as a $100 tire replacement . no one is giving me any answers I’m calling the insurance adjuster local walmart managers customer care and getting zero responses initially started Jan 20 2022 here it is April 8 2022 they longer they take they more it’s costing me but they don’t seem to care one way or the other I’m done being ignored. do I need to file criminal charges against with the shreiffs dept or do i just need an attorney or both please help ?

  3. I bought a Wal-Mart pre-paid card at Walmart ,I was there to by a PayPal card to use on the internet, I was sent to customer service who advised against the PayPal card and recommended a Walmart card ,I purchased the card as advised and deposited $200.00 off of my ebt card from my pension ,this is all on the receipt, I brought the card to my residence at the rehab program and within a half hour of purchase tried activate the card, it allowed me to add the number off the card and immediately said activated no personal information was requested , I knew this was not normal and contacted the number printed on the back of the card ,the recording stated “welcome to Walmart” etc.. ,I finally was connected to a person from India who could barely understand was I was saying and eventually disconnected my phone call, I called back and talked to another person that advised me this was greendot corporation and they would help me ,they had me email them a copy of both sides of the card and a copy of the receipt I did this they claimed they didn’t receive it and gave me another email address and another case number and said that the card must have been scanned while still on the shelf so the would freeze the funds and they could see that I had deposited 200 dollars off my ebt card and they would take care of it but I needed to send them another copy of the card and receipt and gave me anther case # this time the mail box was full and it gave me a list of approximately 1000 other customers who couldn’t send an email to that address, another case number and a promise and an email claiming they would have to send a paper check, no check another call another case number and they now claim the money they froze in the beginning was not on the card so they are closing my case and decided a refund is not their responsibility, my case manager is involved sending emails etc.. and 5 weeks later No response , during this time I called the Walmart that I purchased the card from the lady manager was rude to a point were she told me call the police and hung up I talked to the manager named on the receipt he seemed to be somewhat understanding and told me he would resolve the matter and return my call ,no call back and when I call the store now they bounce my call around and accidently hang up ,the green dot corp. transfers me to a supervisor who always becomes disconnected also I’ve been dealing with this since 03/12/22, I have approximately 23 hours of phone time involved in this case 6 case #’s the managers name Damien The first case # is 89759052 this is with” green dot ” if I ask for a name from green dot they hang up, the Phone number to the Walmart is 970-241-6061 st#01280 op#000120 te363 TR#03515 address is 2881 NORTH AVE. GRAND JUNCTION ,CO.81501 MONEY CARD 2 083032401039 $1.00 Amount 060538819035 $200.00 manager Damien TC# 9656 3952 6374 3930 3755 9 time 14:47:45 My Name is David Rohde Email dwrohde61@gail .com , front desk # here is 970- 985- 7400, case manager Raquel Cisneros 970 -985 -7465 leave message or info , Thank You, David Rohde

  4. Wal-Mart has a big problem with registers not ringing price compared to posted prices. While over the past 40-years the trend has been to let retailers not mark individual prices on items. This occurred in the late 1970’s and continues to this date.
    Gone are the days when checking for the best price involved checking for different prices on old stock and new stock items. As part many states set penalties if items were marked with a price and the store rang up higher price. As an example, if the over charges were under $5.00 the customer would receive the item for free. If it was over $5.00 a percentage of the over charge, say 20%, would be credited on the sale.
    Either the laws are no longer in effect or are being ignored.
    The legal authorities end up filing suite the business and if the business lost the settlement ended up in the general fund of the government that originated the suite, with no funds ever reaching the victims.
    Remember, head you lose and tails the other guy wins.

  5. I purchase my insulin and syringes at Wal Mart Pharmacy, recently I have had drops in my sugar, they happen quickly and down I go, My point is they recently gave me a new syringe, I started to use it only to find out it is the wrong syringe, I injected way to much insulin, resulting in passing out and being very sick. I noticed my insulin was being used quickly and it would not allow me to make it until I refill my insulin. THE last time I attempted to purchase my insulin, they said it was to soon to refill it, So that being the case I had to pay 1,700 out of pocket, needless to say I can not afford this cost every month, HELP?!

  6. I purchase my insulin and syringes at Wal Mart Pharmacy, recently I have had drops in my sugar, they happen quickly and down I go, My point is they recently gave me a new syringe, I started to use it only to find out it is the wrong syringe, I injected way to much insulin, resulting in passing out and being very sick. I noticed my insulin was being used quickly and it would not allow me to make it until I refill my insulin. THE last time I attempted to purchase my insulin, they said it was to soon to refill it, So that being the case I had to pay 1,700 out of pocket, needless to say I can not afford this cost every month, HELP?! There was no explanation at the time the syringe was given to me.

  7. Hello looking for a lawyer to sue Walmart due to a nectarine purchase from their produce department that made me sick for 3 months. I was in the emergency room 3 times and the diagnosis was enteritis(food poisoning-pictures and receipts upon request) My concerns are to find a law firm that is not in fear of this large entity big box retailer and represent me (DAV)-10 years Army & Louisiana National Guard) with a possible large payout for me and the families of the courageous attorneys.


    Wal-Mart has co-conspired in the obstruction of justice case that is being addressed for the majority of the nine years, beginning in 2017 to 2018. Wal-Mart has perhaps played a larger roll than most, finding myself having to rely on them out of necessity, the need to feel as if I have the Right to, and the fact that if you are struggling financially there are not too many alternatives available. Not to mention a stock holm syndrome that has developed over 6 years of constant targeting, harassments, guilting, shaming, co-conspiring to intimidate and harass, and suspected privacy violations and exploitations. This is suspectedly in coalition with the local police departments that they work very closely with, having a preexisting relationship carry over into the obstructions, abuses, and rights violations.
    It began with the typical guilting and shaming of employees, paired with the routine overhead intercom implications of insult, (Calling overhead with something that relates to my current activity or position then an insult “To the ladies department” implying I’m being a girl about my situation (sexist), “To the Pet Department” (as the police act as if I am their dog or pet on a leash). Knowledge of my daily routines (Calling overhead with the nature of what I am, or will be doing? To relay the fact that I am being constantly surveilled to silence myself.) Or relating to me and my day through a song, having music being a large part of how I get through my daily endearments of ongoing traumatic occurrences. (The song will change in the middle of another as I walk in, to a song that relates to my day or situation, then the volume increases, and their may be a verbal insult rendered amongst the psychologically and emotionally damaging tactic.)
    Then there were the comments, the treatment, the shunning, and the targeting of all employees, whom I found myself surprised to have complete knowledge of my situation. This is interpreted to be because of the local police who work the front doors and within the store, who presented another obstacle of resistance, guilting and shaming in the beginning. But standing my ground as an American I continued to operate and shop as any American enjoying the civil liberties of this great nation would. Not being detoured by oppressions and abuses, which ultimately this resilience to abuses and rejection would manifest into a Stock holm syndrome finding myself reliant on a corporation that was knowledgeable of my situation as if they were in my corner because they knew and I was still alive, a misconception that I would not recognize until it was too late.
    In 2018 I found myself homeless, completely at the mercy of the scandal. Having the scandal itself create my homelessness through targeting my residence so that they could intentionally harass, violate and psychologically abuse myself at all times and at all angles. I would find refuge after work sleeping in my truck in the Wal-Mart parking lots, having them being readily accessible and having surveillance in the parking lots. Which surveillance as you sleep amongst a time when many men are threatening and even making attempts at your life is paramount, should anything unfortunate occur, at least it would be on video for accountability purposes. But the Wal-Mart parking lots would become an arena of harassment, intimidation, targeting, and ongoing psychological distressing at all hours through all days. A simple subpoenaing of Wal-Marts video surveillance footages in coordination with my purchasing records for dates and times, would show thousands of hours of police and Wal-Mart harassments, emotional and psychological distressing.
    This is a nationally known obstruction of justice and targeting case, witnessed by a country and beyond. Stemming from defamations formed for self preservation purposes, by those of whom I had stood against in the face of the abuse of the mentally disabled and other misconducts. Resulting in an American atrocity for the lack of better terminology, and potentially compromised positions of many. For this reason, a large player in the abuse scandal such as Wal-Mart must be held to account. For not only their distasteful and inhumane conduct done to my family and I, but also to cover those that they have inadvertently included in this scandal, by setting a precedence for the American misconduct and the acceptance thereof.
    A corporate entity such as Wal-Mart abusing the privilege of free enterprise and using it as a resource for the promotions of emotional and psychological damages through targeting, guilting, shaming, exploitation, and co-conspiring in coalition with an obstruction of justice scandal. Absolutely must be stopped, addressed, and reconciled.

    Sincerely & Respectfully, Rudy J. Camarillo

    1. I too have been employed and shamed and discriminated against and bullied by coworkers and supervisors all the while being told #1 rule Respect the individual
      As they watched and participated in their direct and indirect disrespect

  9. I had to file a case with the Ky E.E.O.C against Walmart’s because of harassment and being disabled. I was fired on Feb11th super bowl Sunday because I asked a associate for a receipt because it showed he didn’t pay for his monster drink I was told I should not have asked him for a receipt so they fired me over that they said I couldn’t ask him for a receipt. But they had been harassing me every since I started working for them because the doctor put me on a rollator walker because I still wanted to work but Sedrick said I could have those accommodations but the store did not like me being on the walker so I think that’s why I was fired so that is my opinion

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