Greater Boston Legal Services – Elder Abuse and Neglect Situations

How Our Staff Solves Elder Abuse and Neglect Situations

Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS) seeks out a paralegal, who is at least eighteen years old, to work mostly in the Senior, Disability and Public Benefits Unit (DPPU) providing customer support in Social Security matters. Some of the other duties include serving as a client advocate, meeting with and scheduling appointments with clients; making referrals, providing correspondence to and from law enforcement authorities, processing and responding to mail, assisting court personnel in hearing cases, and filing necessary paperwork. Some of the clerical support tasks involve answering phone calls or correspondence, filling out forms and schedules, and filing out insurance claims.

Some of the senior citizens who rely on GBLS services are those who have received a notice from the Social Security Administration that they may be receiving an income or disability benefit from the government because of medical issues or disabilities. The agency also serves those people who are eligible for Medicaid benefits.

One of the primary areas in which GBLS focuses its attention is the Community Services for Elderly Persons Unit (CSEP) at the Elder Abuse Prevention and Support Center (EAPSC). These residents in our Elder Abuse Prevention and Support Center (EAPSC) have either been victims of abuse or have become victims of abuse, neglect or exploitation. These residents, along with the residents of our Massachusetts Mental Health Center (MHCC) who has received a determination of an elder abuse or neglect by the Department of Mental Health, are in need of a Paralegal who can assist them in navigating through this complex situation.

Other areas where GBLS works on behalf of seniors, in addition to Social Security, include assisting the EHDU in processing Social Security benefits claims and receiving payment from the government on behalf of clients, as well as participating in our work to provide elder care and/or assistance to clients who are at risk for eviction due to their inability to pay rent and/or mortgage payments, and/or the inability to care for themselves or others due to physical disabilities. GBLS also provides ongoing consultation and assistance for clients who need assistance with health care, especially with regards to drug abuse or substance abuse issues.

The staff in our GBLS office has been trained in dealing with clients with a variety of needs. In particular, we are trained and experienced in dealing with individuals who are involved with long-term-care planning, disability determinations, Medicare eligibility issues, Medicaid eligibility for assistance with the purchase of a new home, and/or other housing arrangements.

Our casels are staffed with certified and highly trained professionals, who understand that every case is unique and that is why we have a staff that is committed to maintaining a professional atmosphere and working together with each of our clients. This is a team effort, one that is mutually beneficial to the clients and us.

Cassels will also conduct pre-employment screening and background investigations for any clients seeking employment. They also assist clients in locating the most appropriate casel or firm that fits their needs.

Most importantly, cassels are available twenty-four hours per day. The casels are open seven days per week and our hours are: Monday through Friday, from eight in the morning until two in the afternoon.

Our casels are located in Boston’s Financial District, and there are casels for each section of the city. The casel in your neighborhood will be close to you and if not closer, then within driving distance. We can recommend the best locations based on your location, or you may ask for recommendations from local residents.

In most cases, casels in your area are staffed by licensed attorneys, but there are some exceptions, and it is always advisable to check to make sure before beginning a case. relationship. The staff will always want to know how long you’ve been practicing law, what type of law you practice, how long your license has been active, and so forth.

GBLS in Boston is one of the most important positions to have in any firm. For this reason, hiring a reliable, trained, courteous, and compassionate legal assistant is important for clients to ensure that they receive the best legal representation possible.

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