Springfield – The City of My Little Parcel


lHomer Simpson is a Springfield resident who is described as a crazy optimist, loves baseball, plays golf, and dislikes taxes. Homer is represented by a lawyer who practices in the Springfield City Court. Homer is represented by blunt-nose lawyer Mr. Bartley. The two lawyers are lifelong friends and work together frequently throughout the trial process.

Homer is an insurance man who runs a company called Homer Chemical. He takes his chances in the insurance business when he decides to build a world-class company in Springfield. Homer lives in a tidy house in the Springfield neighborhood of Springfield. He also owns a small fishing boat that he uses on the lake at night. Homer is a religious person who also serves as an organist in church.

Homer is also a renowned author with 30 books to his credit. Many of his books have made it to the New York Times best-seller list. However, Homer lives in a small town called Springfield. There are many people in this small town that resemble Homer’s personality.

One of the residents of Springfield is Mrs. Lisa, a mother of three who works as a teacher. Mrs. Lisa is depicted as a very laid back woman who loves her children. Homer has a crush on this teacher but Lisa does not think so.

Homer is also a keen gardener and raises vegetables for the community. This includes mustard seeds that are often used in the school meals of Springfield. One of Springfield’s most well-liked shops is Wahlburgers which can be seen in all areas of Springfield. These include a restaurant in the Springfield Plaza Shopping Center.

Bartley is a Springfield native who runs a lemonade stand in town. He is also one of Homer’s closest friends. As the story goes, Homer got his nickname from Bartley because of his wooden leg. On one occasion, Bartley helped Homer Simpson put a tree together after a storm. The two become good friends and they spend much of their free time together.

Two other important characters are Groundskeeper George and Miss Patty. George is the town’s groundskeeper while Miss Patty is a local shopkeeper. The two have a great respect for each other since they are the only people who know where Springfield is located. When Mr. Kearney decided to retire, he handed the town of Springfield a large sum of money. The two had to find a way to share this generous amount of money among the various townspeople.

Mr. Gold and his syndicate soon gained control of the money. Homer Simpson and his friends went on a wild goose chase to find out what really happened to the money. Eventually, it was revealed that Gold was secretly making duplicate gold bars that were identical to those sold by the gold refining company. He and his gang were secretly trying to force the company to pay for the gold that was in fact the original.

Homer Simpson and his friends returned to Springfield once they discovered the truth about the gold. Several months later, Homer married Lisa Simpson. This is where Springfield is located.

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