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If you want to see why Rody Indiana andody is an excellent choice for attorney, then I urge you to review their bio on our website. In the bio, you will find more information about how they met, what role, or in what capacity, each played in this intriguing case. You will also discover how their unique legal theories stand up in court. This is the information you need to help you make a decision about this remarkable case.

Rody and Irvin first came in contact with each other while working in a summer camp for children from a nearby all inclusive resort. Several days into their employment, Irvin began complaining of back pain. He would go home, report the problem, and return to work. This was a common practice for many of the workers at this all inclusive resort. The company’s owners and operators were aware of Rody’s complaints and did nothing to help him.

Several months later, after not hearing from Irvin, Rody and another worker went to the same attorney. During their initial meeting, this attorney noticed that Rody had a black mark on his shoulder. As a direct result of this mark, he recommended that Rody see a chiropractor. He told them, “You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you.” This is where the story begins.

Two months passed before Rody received compensation for this injury. Because of delays in getting the case to court, Rody and Irvin were unable to complete their graduation from college. Instead, they returned to their home in Kentucky and worked for several years building a new home. One night while sleeping, Irvin slipped on some oil and felt a sudden pressure on his spine. This prompted Rody to seek out a Kentucky lawyer.

When I visited with them, I asked them if they ever thought about contacting an attorney. They both looked at me and said no. Then one of them stated, “There are a lot of lawyers but only one who have the experience I need.” This particular lawyer, Irvin Otis, specializes in Motor Vehicle Injury cases. He has handled such cases for many years.

Rody and I went to see him during his first week of taking legal leave. We all sat in his office and discussed what our options were. Irvin explained to us that he could not move forward until the lawyers understood his situation. After discussing some more with him, we decided that it was in his best interest to get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney to represent him. So we started contacting lawyers and were impressed with the results.

Within a matter of weeks, we had a settlement. This was much faster than if we had pursued the case through the court system. Our attorney, Mr. Otis, was impressed with how swiftly our case moved. As for the payment, he was surprised that we got paid. We discussed our payment plans and mutually agreed on a schedule. As soon as the agreement was finalized, my mother began to look forward to having some time off from her full-time job.

When we met with lawyers for the first time, they told us that they did not wish to take the majority of cases like mine. I asked if they would take on any more personal injury cases. The lawyer said, “There’s no need because I have plenty of clients like yours. My fees are low; you don’t have much to lose.” The experience that my mother has had with Rudy Indiana Otis Law is far better than the one she had with her other lawyers.

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