Lawyer Pick Up Lines to Get Arrested


It’s totally allowable to use lawyer pickup lines and flirting with a lawyer, whether the lawyer is of the same sex or not. It’s entirely legal and totally allowable to engage in flirtatious behaviour which might not result in an eventual relationship with the lawyer.

However, in order to be seen as flirting with a lawyer in a way that will result in a relationship you must have the right attitude, namely: being relaxed, humorous, confident and polite. Flirting has the potential to ruin a perfectly good relationship so if you want a lawyer pick up line, try using something a bit more sincere. “I hope we met in passing” is a good lawyer pick up line for instance, or “I really feel comfortable with you.”

If you’ve got absolutely no intention of becoming a lawyer, don’t bother with a lawyer pick-up lines, as they can be a waste of time and energy. The whole point of this article is to get you thinking about why it’s acceptable to flirting with lawyers in order to get invited to a free legal clinic, as well as how to keep your behaviour appropriate when around a lawyer so you don’t get arrested. You might think that flirting with lawyers is totally legal but it is definitely not, and you should be aware of the potential legal issues that could arise from such actions. That’s why it’s a good idea to brush up on the law before attempting to start a relationship with any lawyer.

Law is not a subject you should broach with anyone; therefore, you shouldn’t even consider broaching the subject with your girlfriend or boyfriend either. If you do, you better prepare yourself for a lot of tough talk and a possible stint in jail because you are in violation of section 561(a) of the penal code, which makes it illegal to “insult” a lawyer. So if you want to build a better alibi, then make sure you don’t talk badly about lawyers in general or about any specific lawyer in particular.

It’s perfectly acceptable to flirt with lawyers, but you better not go too far with it, or you could find yourself in the dock facing criminal charges for practicing law without a license. Don’t forget that lawyers are trained to crack down on cheaters and liars, so you better make sure you toe the line when it comes to flirting with them in order to get invited for an introductory meeting in a court of law. If you are planning a future with a lawyer then it’s wise to know what you’re getting into first. Most women who are asked to take part in a lawyer pick up line have no idea what it means, but you’ve been warned – don’t do it! The line is usually meant to mean that you’re going to need to learn some tricks in order to win your case, but it can also imply that you are totally legal and that the man is automatically attracted to you because he saw you at a law firm.

Not only is this kind of flirtatious behavior highly inappropriate, it’s also highly illegal. You may be wondering how this can be legal if you’re being asked to say something mean and offensive in a public place. Well, as it turns out, the reason is, “Lawyer pick up lines” are perfectly legal, provided you don’t ask someone to go to jail or to do something illegal. In fact, even saying “you’re totally legal” or “you wouldn’t mind if I was in jail” are perfectly legal ways to get someone to think of you as totally legal. The line is most commonly used by guys who are looking to attract a sexy woman to them. If you’re one of those guys who loves to show off your wealth, power, and success, then using a lawyer pick up line might be exactly what you need to get laid.

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