Our Lawyer made us Change the Name of This Song Lyrics


Why Did Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song?

We had a band called Back in Black and our lawyer sang the song “Who’s Got The Tattoo” from the movie Stand And Deliver. The song is about a man who has had his tongue cut off. When he sees the words, “The Lawyers are coming to get you,” he knows it’s going to be bad. So he changed the name of the song to “Who’s got the tattoo?” This changed the song from terrible sounding to something that was funny and clever.

Our lawyer also changed our last name to Attorney. He made us promise never to mention the name, which is what we did. The problem is, a name change is not as easy as changing a last name. Changing the name of a song is more complicated than just switching from last name to the first name.

Our lawyer changed our last name because he knew it was offensive to many people. In the United States, keeping your original name is often deemed important. In Canada, our lawyers were representing the company that owns the rights to the song, so they made us change it. We have since re-done our legal work. We’re not representing any company or individual that uses the word in its music.

Our lawyer made us change the name of the song because he didn’t like it any longer. We listen to the song all the time. The new lyrics are great and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I’m just telling you how it is with me and a few other people.

It’s a good thing when people respect you enough to make changes to things that you like or enjoy. My husband made some comments to me about the song. He told me it was a great one, but he didn’t think it represented what he thought it did. He told me it wasn’t something that we should be listening to while driving down the highway. We don’t want to be roadkill, he said.

If other people don’t agree with what you do, then you should do what you want. I respect that view. I also think the fact that our lawyer made us change the name of this song says something about how she thinks. Hopefully, other people will do the same thing. Just remember, if you don’t like something, don’t do it.

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