Why You Should Not Ignore Construction Law in New York


A Construction Lawyer is a lawyer who deals with matters of construction. This type of lawyer can be very helpful to you as you will not have much knowledge about building construction, but will be better able to understand legal terms. Construction lawyer helps people with all types of construction work including civil works like building and land surveys, underground piping and electrical work. A lawyer who specialises in commercial construction is referred to as a Commercial Lawyer.

“AG is a construction lawyer who provides advice and counsel on construction matters. He ensures that construction contracts are fulfilled and submits claims for damages that have been sustained due to construction defects. Attorney assisting parties in litigation to provide legal advice on claims for compensation on behalf of the principal. This may be done after litigation or before the claim becomes final. This lawyer might also work as an intervenor, an expert in the field who gives facts to the parties to explain their position and help them make decisions related to construction contracts and claims.”

Commercial Lawyer primarily deals with construction contracts and has the necessary expertise in various fields. They ensure that construction companies follow their construction contracts, negotiate payment issues with suppliers and vendors and are timely in paying their bills. Commercial construction lawyers may act on behalf of one contractor against another or from a supplier against a manufacturer. They help industrial customers navigate the construction contracts, collect payments, draft contracts, perform necessary documents and submit them for approval by the government. Commercial construction lawyers help them compile and send annual estimates and submit them to the government.

The construction lawyer who represents injured parties in personal injury claims, on claims for workers’ compensation, or on claims for all injuries caused by construction activities gets paid on performance of his duties. For that, he gets paid according to the prevailing rates. For example, if the rate per hour is $100, a lawyer could bill clients at $90 per hour for his services. If he were to do the job alone, he would charge only the minimum wage. Thus, the value of the actual hourly rate turns out to be minimal in comparison to the potentiality of making more money through the successful negotiation and client referrals.

New York City residents can find construction lawyers in different categories: property construction, building construction, remodeling, building engineering, asbestos removal, facade coating, fire protection, and electrical insurances. The construction lawyers in New York have represented some of the best developers in the area. There are several firms in the Big Apple where construction lawyers assist their clients on projects of all sizes. Some of the most prestigious names in the industry are: Skid Row, Related Companies Inc., Consolidated Concrete Corporation, Holohan Consulting Group, Brown & Root, LLP, KPMG, Reebok, Tamko Distributors, among others.

As soon as you start to contract with a construction business in New York, you need to take into consideration the legal aspect of your relationship with the lawyer. It is a bad idea to hire a construction lawyer who exclusively deals with one type of construction law. You should consider hiring a construction business lawyer who deals with different kinds of contracts. It is also a bad idea to hire an attorney who has specialized in the kind of law in which you work. There is nothing wrong with it if you know an experienced lawyer, but you might want to consider additional options.

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