What’s the Average Tax Lawyer Salary?


The average tax lawyer salary ranges widely (as much as to the hundreds of dollars), which means that there could be numerous opportunities for progression and higher pay based on prior experience, location and level of qualification. This pays off for the lawyer who can find a niche in tax litigation and successfully apply his or her knowledge of tax law in front of the judge and tax authorities. A good tax lawyer should also have an impressive resume to showcase before any potential employers. It is a rare lawyer who will discuss client compensation and other important matters in detail, but it is usually an effective way of putting across one’s talent and experience in a particular area.

There are a number of factors which influence the salary a lawyer can earn, but the two most important contributors to the range of available jobs for lawyers in the average salary range are experience and location. Each lawyer has an area of expertise and can thus focus on it to make a successful living. It is common therefore for lawyers to focus on a particular area of tax law or to work only in a region where they have significant experience. This may mean concentrating in a city such as New York, or an area of specialized taxation practice. One can even obtain a position as a tax lawyer in a small boutique representing a more national concern.

Location also plays a major role in the range of available tax lawyer jobs in New York. If you are planning to relocate to New York, the competition for jobs will be intense, and you should do everything possible to maximize your chances. In the big city, the most desirable positions are often those which require the candidate to speak fluent English and preferably also to have some working knowledge of legal practices in the local area. As settlements tend to be much larger in the New York City area than in most other cities, potential candidates who have the ability to speak and conduct negotiations in English are always in great demand.

Tax lawyer salaries, depending on location, experience, and clientele, will vary widely. The most lucrative positions are typically held by senior international tax managers and attorneys. These positions are typically held by executives who have years of experience in dealing with tax issues on the national level and/or who have established a large body of clientele. Salaries of senior tax managers and attorneys who have multiple years of tax experience will average in the high six figures. Junior levels on the salary scale often pay anywhere from one hundred to four hundred dollars per annum.

Tax attorneys and senior managers are not the only professionals who earn six-figure incomes in New York City. Tax attorneys, accountants, and auditors all earn six-figure salaries, although these professionals tend to focus their time on a smaller number of clients. Some accountants who are working freelance are actually earning six-figure salaries, although their clients include private individuals and businesses.

Tax lawyers and other professionals earn much more money in the New York City area because there are a lot more clients to deal with on a regular basis. In addition, many New York City apartments are very expensive. A lot of people consider renting a New York apartment in a luxury. The average tax lawyer salary in New York City is more than twice what an individual can earn in another area with less demand for professionals.

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