Zoloft Autism Lawsuit Lawsuits – Do You Have a Claim For Serious Birth Defects?


Zoloft autism lawsuit, is it worth filing? You should consider this question if you have received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder for the first time or if you know someone who has. Many parents who suspect their child may have an ASD have filed lawsuits on behalf of their children in a bid to receive compensation for the suffering caused by the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder. In some instances the courts have been willing to hear out the case and allow it to proceed.

Zoloft Autism Lawsuit

The lawsuits generally revolve around three main areas, namely: brain damage, developmental delays and social skills. The first issue to consider is whether or not compensation can be granted based on the fact that the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder cannot be explained. It is the contention of the parties that there are genetic links to the syndrome and as such there are known to be genetic links to the development of these symptoms. These links have led to suggestions that the IQ or Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of a person can determine if they will develop the syndrome. If your IQ is low then you are more likely to develop the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The second area to consider is the effect of taking Zoloft on one’s mental health.

As well as causing many forms of depression disorders and other mental health problems, the FDA has found that Zoloft can also cause suicidal thoughts and behaviors in children. There is strong evidence that people with depression disorders can take Zoloft without having suicidal thoughts of suicide. For this reason, if your child has been diagnosed with any of the above Zoloft related conditions, then you may have a valid case against the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

The third area to consider is the possible onset of suicidal thoughts and behavior when taking Zoloft.

Zoloft is a popular drug used to treat the most common type of ADHD, namely; inattentive ADHD or simply ADHD which means that it treats the patient’s inability to focus and maintain concentration. The side effects of Zoloft that it is known to have included; anxiety, irritability, mood swings, aggression and thoughts of suicide. In recent years there have been reports that a high number of kids and teenagers are suffering from these symptoms of Zoloft withdrawal.

If the above link is not enough to convince you to seek out legal counsel, then I don’t know what would.

There are many other published articles and studies that show the link between Zoloft and the above side effects. The reason that we are talking about these articles and studies is because the FDA has approved the drug for treating the symptoms of depression, but because of the many side effects associated with it, the FDA has allowed Zoloft to be sold as an antidepressant.

If you are fighting a Zoloft Autism Lawsuit, then I urge you to contact a qualified attorney who specializes in this type of case and is familiar with all the Zoloft lawsuits.

An experienced attorney with experience in this area will be able to provide you with the information needed to win your lawsuit and will be able to protect your rights. What is Zoloft? SSRI serotonin selective reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), a class of prescription antidepressants used in the treatment of depression and anxiety, have been associated with serious birth defects.

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